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Useful Iron Giant Combos in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

The Iron Giant is the first gargantuan character in Multiversus, with its role fitting it as the most sturdy, tall and ominous tank around. The Iron Giant is a character with some solid combos it can use, ranging from very extended attacks and combos that can have you swinging and zooming around the stage at a given notice. Look no further if you fancy mastering the Iron Giant’s combos and grabbing wins.

Here is a look at some of the Iron Gaint Combos you can use to get kills, setup, or use while in Protect Friends mode. Image via Warner Brothers.

Iron Giant Combos in Multiversus

Unlike most other characters in the game, Iron Giant’s combos are very limited in nature. The reason why is because the character is extremely slow, and very heavy. The reality is that Iron Giant is not a character that will be doing lots of extended combos, and even its basic move set is very slow, and it’s always guaranteed to be a true combo.

  • Very basic ground to air: Down attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Up Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up.
  • Very basic horizontal combo: Sair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Side attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR x3
  • Basic extended combo: Side Attack x2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Down Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Up Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up. This only works if Iron Giant is directly on top of the enemy as the second hitstun will push them too far away to land the Down Attack.

You can also do some very basic combos while in the Protect Friends mode.

  • Down to up air: Position your right leg on the enemy and then Down Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down. You can then make enemies airborne and use Special Up Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Up to zap energy through the suit for another hit. You can then Up Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up and launch rockets from your suit and hit the airborne enemies.
  • Bubble scoop: Down Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Special Right Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Right. You can kick enemies from the ground into your cannon to get bubbles by Iron Gaint’s special mode. This is decent for protecting an ally in 2v2 and letting them drift off the edge.
  • Floor blast: Up Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Down Special Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Down > Down Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down. Fire your missiles into the air, and then shoot your energy gun at a fighter. The energy blast will hit first and hitstun, followed by the rockets landing on your target. You can walk up to the hitstun enemy and then try to land a Down Attack kick and send them back into the sky.

You need to position yourself and time it right to land the footstomp shock combo. You can then try and get a spike kill by moving to where they land or use a rocket barrage as a kill move.

Iron Giant Extended Combos

  • Edge Guard combo: The iron giant can do Down Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Up AttackXbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Ground Combo Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR> Nair Xbox-ButtonX > Sair> land into Side Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR x3. And then do it again for a large edge guard hitbox.
  • Side Air 4 hit: The Sair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR move can hit four times if you angle it right. If enemies are on the ground, you can use the move to fall to the ground fast and then Sair before landing. It angles Iron Giant’s feet to the normal-sized character, lifting them up from the ground with two hits, then another two hits when they are at the side.
  • Five hit Special Up: You need need to hit the enemy on the left side of Iron Giant’s body to get the first hit and follow the skill to land the remaining four. You can also get three hits with the Iron Giant’s up special. You can hit five shots on lower HP heavier characters, but it is harder.

Iron Giant Kill Combos

  • Air kill at 95 HP: You can use the ground to aerial combo by Down Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Up Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Jump Xbox-ButtonA > Uair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up X2. This can kill if both Uair punches land. You may need to jump again to land the second one If they try to land, you can juggle with Up Special while in the air to hit them with the car and then land with a second upper punch.
  • Spike Kill 130HP: Iron Giant can kill at 130HP guaranteed by landing the basic ground-to-air combo.
  • Helicopter Sub 80 HP kill: Use a ground-to-air combo, followed by an Uair combo. Use your remaining fuel by using Special Uair and try and force them to the skybox. If all lands perfectly, you can get an 80 HP kill.

As you can see, there are not particularly many Iron Giant combos you can use outside of the few very basic Iron Gaint combos. However, mastering the ability to land those key Nairs and Uairs can net some very powerful kills.


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