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MultiVersus Tier List: Best Characters for 1v1 and 2v2 Tier Lists

Craig Robinson

Multiverse is the new platform fighting game, taking characters under the Warner Brothers umbrella and making them fight. During the Open Beta, 17 characters are playable, each with their own roles, preferred fighting styles and more. Some are obviously better than others. So, to help people decide what they want to play and why. Let’s take a look at a Multiversus tier list.

In this Multiversus tier list, we will rank these characters in two separate tables, one for 1v1 and the other for 2v2. It helps to give an idea of what characters are like and why. At the bottom of the Multiversus tier list, you will encounter notes that are generally applied to characters. Some characters’ strengths and weaknesses are the same for both game modes, while some have very free differences between both modes. With that said, let us delve into the Multiversus 1v1 and 2v2 tier lists.

There are a lot of characters in mUltiversus, but how do they rank against each other in a Multiversus Tier List? Image via Warner Brothers.

1v1 Multiversus Tier List

Tier Character
S Bugs Bunny, Finn, Jake.
A Tom and Jerry, Shaggy, Batman, Superman, Arya Stark.
B Harley Quinn, Lebron, Iron Giant, Steven.
C Wonder Woman, Taz, Garnet, Velma.
D Reindog.

2v2 Multiversus Tier List

Tier Character
S Bugs Bunny, Finn, Tom and Jerry, Velma.
A Shaggy, Jake, Wonder Woman, Batman, Reindog, Lebron.
B Iron Giant, Superman, Arya Stark, Harley Quinn.
C Garnet, Taz,

Multiversus Tier Lists Rankings Explained

Arya Stark and Bugs Bunny are strong characters in 1v1 and 2v2 Tier Lists. Image via Warner Brothers.

Arya Stark - Arya has solid combo potential with plenty of dashes and face-switching skills to turn the flow against enemies. She also has a powerful spike, and the blink dagger makes her easy to reset and continue combos or surprise an enemy at any moment. The face switch also adds to some nice additions depending on the face she steals, followed by a stun that can set up kill confirmed moves or string new combos together from the backstab. The only downside is that Arya is defintely the hardest assassin to master. She’s a solid A character largely thanks to her hard to master yet rewarding playstyle.

Batman - Batman has all the tools a bruiser needs to get in the face of an enemy with his dash and some of the best vertical move combos in the game. Batman can easily set himself up for some vertical combos or jump into the action after his 2’s partner sets them up from their combo. The Batarang also comes in handy for disrupting oncoming enemies whose dash is down to change the momentum, especially against assassins. Although he was nerfed heading into open beta, which is a slight downside, but remains very good in both Multiversus tier lists. He is also bugged with a his grapple hook launching him off the map at the speeed of light, which is a big downside at the moment and can solo ruin a 1v1.

Bugs Bunny - Bugs objectively has the most versatile kit in the game and deals damage. The bat makes him a safe character, while burrow gets him out of hairy situations. Combine that with the traps, missiles, and other shenanigans, and Bugs has a tool for every situation. There’s also plenty of room for combos and knocks out, making Bugs really efficient, well-rounded and powerful. Overall, it is hard not to rank Bugs in the S Tier for both Multiversus Tier Lists, as you can see with the open beta ladder shaping up.

Finn - Finn is a small character with some incredibly overpowered hitboxes. The range on the sword is more than meets the eye, allowing him to get combos off easily. Moreso, the nature of his damage ramping the longer the game goes on gives him an excellent win condition, thanks to his coin passive and specials. The up special is where most of the damage comes from, which can knock out enemies in any direction when their health is low. Oh, and the speed boost purchases make it even harder to pin Finn down. Finn is quite the obnoxious assassin for mechanical and balance reasons.

Garnet - Garnet is a very versatile character without a speciality role, which gives her a few shortcomings. However, don’t let that fool the combo potential. She has some strong combos with her light attacks in any direction, a strong charge with her neutral and strong specials too. The rocket fist special move allows her to get a surprisingly decent range off, which does more with charges and serves a great ring out at times or disrupter when necessary. Her special-neutral movement speed is also handy for any comp and buffing herself. The only downside is that she has little knockback, so getting ring-outs is harder, requiring her to beat her enemies towards the 170 hp mark to get a ring out. She’s good in the right hands but feels like she misses the mark in both 1v1 and 2v2.

Harley Quinn is one of the more oppressive characters in the game. Image via Warner Brothers.

Harley Quinn - Harley Quinn has some deadly combos, kill potential, high damage, and plenty of dash-like skills to maintain the heat on an enemy. Recent nerfs did target her safety, so is more susceptible to getting combod now. However, this character is very strong, and good Harleys can still reap havoc, making her a solid character in both the Multiversus 1v1 and 2v2 tier list. However, its apparent her presence in games has drastically fallen, hence falling from thh S tier into the A or B Tier.

Iron Giant - The Iron Giant is absolutely massive, which comes with pros and cons. First, this character can use ground attacks on enemies in the air and on the ground. The other benefit is that the car smash skill is a big hitbox and easily stun locks, setting itself up or an ally up in 2s. Good Iron Giants who manage the rage mechanic can also deals lots of damage. However, the Iron Giant is rather telegraphed and becomes a punching bag when someone finds the gap, making a B-C tier character unless in the right hands, who will climb very high, and some are already into the top 100 leaderboards.

Jake - Jake the Dog is a solid character, and has risen in our rankings in both Multiversus tier lists. The strengths of the character are that it’s a very strong bruiser, with plenty of cheeses like the skateboard for down attacks and his mace hand-up special. It makes Jake a solid vertical player, with some solid charge neutrals too for horizontal gameplay. The other benefit is its ranged charge attack that can go diagonally and horizontally to continue to harass enemies both on and off stage. The belly bounce is good for gap-closing assassins and protecting one’s self. It makes Jake one of the hardest bruisers to actually land combos on. However, Jake is only good at bullying and harassing, and getting enemies to the point Jake can reliably knock out is much tougher, hence the slight weaknesses. Jake feels drastically better in the 1v1 Multiversus tier list but is still viable in 2V2 too.

Lebron - Lebron has all the tools needed to be an S tier. However, the skill ceiling is where he suffers. Lebron has plenty of ranged and melee-like combos, with range serving as the finishing touch or the combo starter, with the melee moves (while holding a ball) are where most of the damage comes from. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to miss the ranged moves, so it does mean that the beginning and ending part of the combo chain can fall short, which is why Lebron is a difficulty to excel on. Good players can push it to that A/S tier, but those players will be few and far between.

Reindog - Reindog is a slow character but has enough tools to zone enemies, launch enemies in close range, and a life-saving skill, for either a knocked-off enemy or to get your ally back to you for support. Not to mention that Reindog does some surprising damage, with the melee ranged charges and the lightning being quite deadly without realising it. There’s enough cheese here in 2s to make it a good pick, but it does suffer heavily in the 1v1 tier list.

Watch Shaggy go super saiyan every game and be effective at it. Image via Warner Brothers.

Shaggy - Shaggy is an all-around good pick. He has plenty of damage ramping through his special neutral along with so solid damage and combo potential. The best bit is the special wind-up powerful attack equipped with a dash. Shaggy can killing blow anyone horizontal, no matter the distance between the two. He also comes with healing, which can be used as a ranged weapon. Overall, a very decent pick, but isn’t quite as safe as some of the S-tier characters. There’es also a very high skill ceiling animation cancel ccombo floating around that only the best of the best can use and master.

Steven - Steven is a character that has some strong defensive capabilities with the shield, which also works for allies. His passive also allows him to stasis enemies when reaching ten hits against them. The reality is that Steven is a hard support, which can cheese enemy teams in 2’s but is not so great in 1v1 situations. There’s certainly potential for him to pop in 2v2, but it requires some decent set-up from an ally or mastering Steven’s combo-charged attacks. The other strength is that Steven is a support with combo potential, makig him a safe 1v1 character that some are exceling on.

Superman - Superman is a safe, beginner-friendly tank that can do some very fun moves. The character has a solid side quick attack combo, which will stun lock enemies. He has great aerial moves with combos and a ground burner to disrupt enemies on the platforms. The key to victory, however, is his charged specials, which launch enemies no matter their HP, followed by the superman fly and throw. There is some solid knockout potential, even with enemies on a safe amount of HP. However, Superman is quite telegraphed, so it’s easier to manipulate Superman if you’re a better player. Saying that a solid Superman can make this look like an A/S-tier pick if they master their combos. You could say Superman is the epitome of a balanced character on both the 1v1 and 2v2 tier lists.

Taz - Taz’s cheese is the tornado, and that got nerfed. Not to mention player knowledge is getting better as players figure out how to disrupt Taz’s Tornado, such as Garnet, Superman, and Lebron’s down strikes. Meanwhile, Assassins can easily avoid the tornado and even return to get at Taz once his guard is down. It means Taz players now rely on his other moves to perform, so Taz falls down to the C tier. But he is still a capable bruiser, and his tornado, when it does work, still feels rewarding.

Tom and Jerry - Tom and Jerry is a more complicated Mage character but has the tools to perform. There’s plenty of ranged potential with the tennis balls and racket, dynamite throws and other special moves. Tom also has a decent stun lock quick attack with his bat, great for those who do get to his position, and some long combo strings requiring some great mechanics. Moreso, Tom has some solid vertical gameplay with the racket and the bin lids, making him a character who can send enemies flying when the setup is right. He’s a little harder to master, hence falling down to A in 1v1, but in 2v2, the ally makes up for those skill issues and shows how powerful Tom can be.

Velma - Velma is a powerful healer support character that surprisingly does damage. She also has a unique mechanic with the evidence bar, which can disrupt an enemy team by getting an enemy player arrested, which is great for 2v2. She also has an actual rugby tackle, sweeping enemies off their feet and punting off platforms enemies, which many still underestimate. Lastly, while her moves are not too powerful, they come with significant knockback, making her an easy character to get eliminations for her team, especially her neutral words when they lock on and suprisingly launch an enemy. Overall, she is an incredibly effective 2v2 support, with some suprises to be had in 1v1 too.

Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman, is an interesting tank with decent CC tools and the snap teleport to an ally and shield them is a great teamplay addition. It can break combos up, making her counter and begin her counter chain. This move in the right hands can solo turns fights and regain momentum for her team, so understandhing how to use this skill is key to victory. When things go her way, she can eliminate people on both Horizontal and Vertical means, with great spike skill from the air. In summary, she’s like a weaker hybrid between the tank, bruiser and support roles, which comes with some great perks, but she lacks that mojo she needs to pop.


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