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Best Taz Perks in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Taz is the Tazmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes world, brought into the Multiversus to fight. The dust devil loves a good tornado and scrap and makes for an annoying character to play with. If you want to make matters worse, grabbing the right perks for the job makes Taz add a nice twist to his gameplay. Here are the best Taz perks in Multiversus.

There are a lot of good fitting perks, for Taz, and here are our thoughts on it. Image via Warner Brothers.

Best Taz Perks in Multiversus

Best Taz Perks in Multiversus Description Slot
Percussive Punch Power Your team deals 5% increased damage with attacks that knock back enemies horizontally Offense Perk
Leg Day Champ Your team receives a 10% increased jump height Utility Perk
Cofeezilla Your team receives 10% reduced ability cooldown duration Utility Perk

Thanks to the Signature Perk playstyles, we have not listed a signature skill in the table above. In 1v1’s, you want to use the Iron Stomach signature, while you want the I Got To Get In There for 2v2. The Second signature allows an ally to enter the Dogpile skill, which adds extra damage, knockback, increased duration and armor while inside. This has no benefit in 1v1, hence the need to use both. However, if you’re playing into a mage, Velma, Garnet or Harley, you can use the Iron Stomach signature in a 2v2 to become much better counter ranged attacks.

The reason for these three perks is largely due to the following. The first is that Percussive Punch Power offers significantly stronger damage only our basic combos, followed by your tornado attacks. Taz’s main damage skills come from this, even after the tornado nerf, and, therefore, suits Taz’s playstyle.

The other two utility perks are handy for a few reasons. Coffeezilla is a fantastic tool for making your Dogpile skill refresh its cooldown, especially in 2v2. In addition, your apple core ammunition returns after 9 seconds, rather than 10 seconds. We also recommend the Leg Day Champ perk for better vertical combos. Taz’s jump height is very small, so getting a little boost can make his basic attack-ups much easier on airborne targets. A basic up attack can eliminate an enemy around 150hp using Leg day. It adds a new tool to Taz’s arsenal, as most will expect a signature tornado knockout, rather than getting slapped by two baguettes.


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