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How to Toast in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

When you play through a multiplayer game of Multivursus, you will find that there are plenty of social features in the game. One of those is toasting your allies or enemies in a game. You want to do this if you feel generous in your games or have the daily challenge of toasting an enemy. If either of those are true, here is how to toast in Multiversus.

You can toast in Multiversus at the end of a match.

How to Toast in Multiversus

You can only toast in Multivursus after a game has concluded. Go into a game and play the game as normal. At the end of the game, you will get a new screen showing how much damage everyone in the game did and how many knockouts everyone got. Above the character information pages, you will find a button in a lighter shade of blue/green. It says “Give Toast +1”, followed by an icon of sliced bread.

Alternatively, if someone toasts you in a match, then you get a notification. THat notification comes with an orange button to tast the player back, suing one of your toasts in the process.

These are the only way to toast in Multiversus, so make sure you use it when you need to when the opportunity arises.

If you want to give a player a toast, you can click that button and spend one toast from your inventory. Consuming a toast gives the player 20 gold. Doing so will complete the daily challenge if you have to toast a player.

You need to make sure you have toast in your account before you can toast another player. At the end game screen, you will find the number of toasts you have on your account. It will have a number to the left of the toast icon indicating how many toasts you can give out.

How to Get More Toast in Multiversus

You can buy toast using gold or get them for free every so often.

We will also cover how to get more toast in Multiversus. There are quite a few ways to get more toasts in Multiversus. The first one is you can buy it using your gold. When browsing your collection, you can get toast at the end game screen or on the main menu. It costs 350 gold to get ten toasts, equating to 35 gold per toast.

You can also get toasts for free through a variety of methods. You get five toasts every time you reach level three on a character. You can also get five toasts through the free battle pass, and ten toasts in the premium battle pass. These rewards are scattered around the battle pass for different tiers, making them an occasional source of toasts.

Overall, there are quite a few methods for getting toast in Multiversus. You should have enough in case you need to toast someone. If you do run out and there are no characters you can get toast from or any coming in the battle pass, you need to spend gold.

We don’t recommend spending gold on toasts, as they are very cost inefficient (costs 35 gold to award a player with 20). We recommend holding onto the toasts you get for free for when you get the mission or if there is a player you want to toast in a game.


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