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Best Lebron Perks in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Lebron is a bruiser that uses a mixture of ranged attacks and melee attacks thanks to his ball. This character will weave in plenty of combos and styles for every situation, making him a very interesting character. But, with the mixture of playstyles, Lebron’s perks are certainly weird. Luckily for you, we have what we believe are the best Lebron perks in Multiversus.

Here are the best LeBron Perks in Multiversus, along with the reasons why we believe it to be the case.

Best Lebron James Perks in Multiversus

Best Lebron James Perks in Multiversus Description Slot
For Three LeBron and his allies that hit enemies with a basketball far away cause the basketball to explode, dealing damage and knockback to all nearby enemies. Signature Perk
Make it Rain, Dog! Your team receives 20% increased projectile speed. Offense Perk
I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge Your team receives a 10% ability cooldown refund after dodging an attack. Utility Perk
That’s Flammable, Doc For 2 seconds after knocking back an enemy with a projectile, your team can melee attack an enemy to ignite them for 1 second. Offense Perk

The main thing to note with the three basic perks is that these are designed with the ball in mind. The ball is how you do stronger damage with your melee attacks and your killing blow signature moves. So, adding perks like That’s Flammable and Make it Rain are solid additions. That’s Flammable is a good shout for the passing attack while on the ground, as you can easily throw the ball, side attack, throw the ball side attack and stack fire on an enemy. In addition, the Make it Rain increases the ball’s movement speed, so you can turn these short passes into delayed combos, rather than resets.

Lastly, we recommend taking the I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge perk because the ball is key to your improved strength melee combos and ranged executions. Losing the ball significantly weakens LeBron, so getting lowered cooldown is a good idea. The reason for this perk, though and not Coffeezilla, is because LeBron is a bruiser and will be in melee range a lot. So, dodging an enemy combo will likely reduce the cooldowns of your basketball quicker than Coffezilla will.

With that said, we believe these are the best perks for Lebron in Multiversus for the reasons mentioned above. There are some alternatives you could use for your own preference, like Ice to Beat You, but we believe a faster projectile is worth it over the slowing effect. But personal preference can be the difference between your enjoying the pick or not.


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