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Multiversus Starting Characters Explained

Craig Robinson

Multiversus is a platform fighting game, fitted with plenty of characters from the Warner Brothers umbrella. Like others games of its kind, there are many characters, each costing a different amount of gold or money to unlock. For new players, it means you will be building up your cash reserves and then spending it on characters you want to unlock. But, like all games, there are ways to get characters to start with. Here are all the tips and tricks to get starting characters in Multiversus.

Wonder Woman is the only real starting character in Multiversus.

Multiversus Starting Characters Explained

The only starting character in multiversus is technically Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is a character you get for free for completing the tutorial mission. We recommend doing the tutorial so you have at least one character you can reliably fall back to as the weeks go by

As for the starting characters, you will rely on the free character rotation. The free character rotation changes every two weeks. It gives enough time for players to play through the free character rotation and find out which characters they like playing and flex between to give some options for each player. You can find the free character rotation in the news snippet at the top right of the main menu in-game.

Recommended starting characters in Multiversus

Shaggy is considered a recommend starting character in Multiversus.

When you get your first 2000 gold, you will find you can afford a non-expert character. Plenty of the 2000 gold characters are much easier to play for new players, while others are a bit more advanced. Among those characters worth buying as a new player to learn the game are as follows:

  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Velma
  • Shaggy

The reason for these four options is for simple reasons. Firstly, they are relatively easy to pick up and do well with. That is because they have very easy-to-use skills, and combos or a relatively safe.

The other factor is that these characters have decent knockout potential with their skills. Superman can charge up heavy knockbacks, as does Shaggy. Meanwhile, Batman can easily grapple their opponents and use his skill to knock back enemies. On the other hand, Velma is a support, but most of her skills have decent knockback to protect herself.

Moreso, these characters have ways to heal or take reduce damage. Superman is a tank and can take a lot of damage, while Batman being a bruiser, can take a bit of beating too. Meanwhile, Shaggy has a special move that creates sandwiches, which he can eat to gain Hp or throw as a weapon. Velma is a supporting character capable of healing allies if you fancy the support playstyle.

Lastly, Superman and Batman have very good recovery skills. Batman has a decent glide, making it easier to get back to the platform if they get knocked out quite far. Whereas Superman’s side special move in the air makes him fly through, which can also pick enemy players and throw them.

From then on, new players should have a taste of what parts of the game they do like and buy characters they want to play in live games. We also recommend playing around in the lab, as you can try every character in the game and learn whether or not a character is for you.


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