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Best Velma Perks in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Velma has arrived from the world of Scooby-Doo, bringing her skills as a detective and micing them into an action fighter. Velma is one of the support characters in the game, and has the power to collect evidence to lock enemies in a police car, do some strong healing, damage, and more. Since Velma is a support, she has to play a little differently, and the perks very much reflect that., Here are the best Velma perks in Multiversus so you can support the best you can.

Here are the best Velma perks and builds in Multiversus, along with the reasons why.

Best Velma Perks in Multiversus

Best Velma Perks in Multiversus Description Slot
Knowledge is Power Velma’s ally receives 7 grey health for a few seconds after picking up evidence. Signature Perk
Painted Target Your team deals 5% increased damage when hitting enemies that are in hit stun. Offense Perk
Shirt Cannon Sniper Your team’s projectiles deal 7% increased damage to far away victims. Offense Perk
Retaliation-Ready Your team grants allies three grey health for 3 seconds after knocking back enemies with projectiles. Utility Perk

The core theory behind Velma here are two main facets. The first is the ability to spam abilities to heal, damage, and generate evidence, with the other being to offer support via grey health. The bulk of Velma’s healing, and damage when it spreads comes from her light neutral and signature neutral. This allows her to cast hurtful messages and beams that lock onto enemies hit. This is primarily where your hit stun combo comes into play, granting you the effects of the Painted Target perk. In addition, Velma can move while her harmful words lock onto enemies, meaning she can ensure she is in range to benefit from the Shirt Cannon Sniper perk.

In addition, you always want to take a Utility Perk. For the most part, you want to take Retaliation-Ready, but only in 2v2. Velma can constantly acquire ranged hits, meaning she gets to proc the Grey Health bonus of the perk very easily. This goes well with the knowledge is Power signature skill in 2v2, as picking up evidence grants her ally 7 Grey health. Velma’s ally should be well protected to carry the damage and face tank enemies when protecting Velma as she solves the mystery with evidence.

Lastly, you want to take Studied in a 1v1 situation, as Knowledge is Power has less viability in a 1v1 mode.

Builds with team comps in mind

However, if you wanted something a bit different, there are other builds. For example, you can go Coffezilla, and I’ll Take That to get the benefits of reducing allied cooldowns greatly. This is good when your team is very cooldown reliant, such as Bugs Bunny, or Tom and Jerry and more. It is also really easy for Velma to benefit from I’ll Take that since she applies weakened with her beam and can freeze enemies with her Toxic Concoction. You can also take the Last Stand perk when playing with Assassin players, as that enables them to snowball damage much earlier into a fight. It’s part of the joy of playing support as there are many builds you can go and synergize with your team.

Therfore, tehe best Velma Perks in Multiversus are the ones that flatter herself and her partner at the samie time. If you’re one of those players using her in 1v1, feel free to take amore bruiser like build but keep the hitstun perk for your words and beams.


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