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Useful Tom and Jerry Combos in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Tom and Jerry is one of the mage’s in Multiversus, with many tricks up the cat and mouse pairing’s sleeves to kickstart plenty of KBs and combos. The trick to Tom and Jerry is knowing what type of proper combos and and delayed combos work and when. Here are some useful Tom and Jerry combos in Multiversus, and other techniques you should know to recover and to get killing blow setups.

Here are the best Tom and Jerry combos in Multiversus, followed by unofficial combos you can use.

Best Tom and Jerry combos in Multiversus

The two options direclty below are the best Tom and Jerry combos in Multiversus

  • DairXbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Xbox-ButtonY > Repeat - Harder to perform combo but can get onwards of 11 hitstuns on the right enemy size, health percentage and platfrom space.
  • Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Xbox-ButtonY > Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right > Repeat - Easier than the combo above, but knockback shortens the combo on the side attack.

On a higher health percentage, from around 80 onwards, you may need to dash to keep up the commbo as the velocity may ping it outside of your hitbox range of the pan or mallet.

  • Dair Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Down > Nair Xbox-ButtonY - Performs a quick air combo.
  • x4 Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right - Basic mallet swing combo side attack that hitstuns four times and causes knockback.
  • x2-3 Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right > Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up> Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right > Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up. This can constantly juggle and keep enemies in getting hit repeatedly until the dodge the connection of the following move.
  • Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up > Dair Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Down > Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up, Dair Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Down. Hard to hit and requires timing your jump correctly but can chain a few times.

You can do multiple quick combos using this and string together lots of small damage attacks for as long as the enemy doesn’t have a dash up. The upcharge attack also brings enemies from horizontal to above your paddle too, which counters plenty of small characters.

Combo starter - Jerry (either special neutral or up Special) into position, followed by Jerry cork into Dair. Simply throw Jerry close enough to an enemy and then Dair. This prepares your pan, followed by Jerry’s cork hitting first to get the hit combo off. You can then follow it with any true combo above.

Unofficial combos

Unofficial combos are simply combos that don’t stringent together like actual combos to keep an enemy in hitstun. Rather, these are consecutive skills that are slightly delayed that can set up some interesting plays or maybe even confirm a kill. As a mage, Tom and Jerry have plenty of unofficial combos, which will provide a variety of tools to get killing blows, albeit using delayed combos.

  • Special side air Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right > Special Uair Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Up > Uair Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up.

This is one method to landing a vertical killing blow. In our most extreme example, we managed it from also KB from the bottom of the map to landing a killing blow in the skybox. You cna see this in the video above.

  • Special down air Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Down > combo of your choice
    This combo is good if you need to drop a dynamite stick to prevent an enemy from chasing or continuing a combo. It then allows you to capture an actual combo while the enemy is hitstuned briefly from the dynamite.

Double Racket projectile - get Jerry close enough to your to hit an enemy with a cork. You then throw a tennis ball and charge your swing to full to hit both the cork and tennis ball. This ensures you hit an enemy twice with a delayed cork and tennis ball return or hit an enemy in the air if they air jump to avoid the first one.

  • Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right > Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up > UAir (sweet spot) Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up.

The above is a decent combo for getting enemies off a platform, into the air, and into a sky box kill above 120HP. Dair instead of Uairing works, but the sweetspot has a stronger knockbakc mechanic, makig it a better kill confirm.

Recovery combos

Your basic recovery combo involves dashing, Special Sair and dashing or jump again to get to a wall. This side air special pulls the fishing line up, which slows your velocity, making it easier to gain more distance back to a platform rather than plummeting to your death. You can see an example of the fishing line recovery during the gif on the triple air combo KB above.


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