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Useful Batman Combos in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Batman is one of the vertical Bruisers in Multiversus, with a special focus on upper cuts and skying enemies into oblivion. Those looking to master Batman will find Batman’s combos in Multiversus are not lengthy, but are used rather situationally depending on a few factors. Here are the useful Batman combos in Multiversus, along with the reason when and why you want to use them.

We guide you through the best Batman combos in Multiversus and some tips on how to do them.

Best combos for Batman in Multiversus

The main thing you need to know about Batman in Multiversus is that his combos focus on vertical gameplay. Most of the combos are essentially the same to perform. However, the differences with Batman combos in Multiverus rely on the enemy HP or current placement. You’re essentially using most of the combos up attacking in various forms, but you can spike downwards if you are edge guarding instead. Keep this in mind as you play Batman.

  • Long Horizontal combo - Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right > Xbox-ButtonX (Batarang) > Repeat.

This combo allows you to slide attack and throw your Batarang to apply weakness. This increases the damage they take, and adds extra knockback to them. You can repeatedly do this until the weakness stacks push them too far. You can dodge to get more momentum into a slide attack or an uppercut. This also works incredibly well if you run Coffezilla to get almost insta resets on Batarang, especially if an ally in 2v2 runs Coffeezilla.

  • Sair Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > ground yourself > Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up > Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Up

  • Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up> x2 Uair Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up > Special Uair Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Up

You can up attack to get enemies off the ground, followed by two up air attack combos. Enemies around 120 hp can be killed as long as the second one lands. If an enemy is lower HP, you may special Uair, but that requires having a triple jump perk activated too. We have an example of this rotation in action (albeit slightly modified), scoring a kill around the 80 HP mark if you want an example. You can also apply the batbomb at the start of the combo following the Bouncerang signiture perk to get the added explosion knockback and weakened velocity enhancement to score the kill.

Note that you can easily get five stacks of Weakened thanks to the most common Batman singature perk, Bouncerang. It is the reason why Batman can air combo like that in this clip and score a kill on an 82 HP Shaggy bot.

  • Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Sair Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right> Uair Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up - A short easy combo that you can use while gliding near the floor on an enemy to get them back into the air. You can follow this into a special Uair to try and kill blow.

  • Graplling Hook - Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right > Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Up - Heavy attack that can drag you to an enemy and uppercut them. Can kill above 130HP.

  • Sair Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right > Uair x2 Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up. It is an okay combo if you’re against airborne opponents who are sub 60 HP. modify it with a Speical Uair instead above 120 to see if you can get a heavy knockout.

  • Xbox-ButtonX > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Uair x2 Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up - Decent if you need to hitstun someone slightly out of range and then get them into the air. Works on both platforms and already in the air targets.

  • Xbox-ButtonX > Y Up x2 Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Up - better than regular uppercuts when enemies are hitstuned from Batarang and have a high HP percentage. It is even better when you can charge the grounded special-up attack.

Unofficial Combos for Batman

Additionally, you can apply your Bat Bomb by pressing Y, followed by starting a combo that gets them into the air. After five or so seconds, the Batbomb should detonate and knock enemies upwards. You can use this at the start of a combo to get even more pressure on scoring early HP kills. We have an example of a charged-up Special after using a Dair to apply the Batbomb. See how the explosion ends the combo by scoring a kill?

Batman also has decent recovery thanks to the glide. You can combo a special side air attack foolowed by his glide to easily recover against horizontal knockbacks.

This is the basic premise of the Batman combos in Multiversus. Good luck out there, caped crusaders.


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