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Useful Bugs Combos in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Bugs Bunny is a mage character, fitted with a light boxing toolkit but heavily focused on unleashing some very fun and interesting specials. Like Tom and Jerry, it means that Bugs Bunny has some creative uses of his limited kit to combo, but then can do some incredible plays with the use of signature skills and specials to pull off some incredible chains. Here are some useful Bugs combos in Multiversus.

Here are some useful Bugs combos in Multiversus, along with tips to make the most out of combo extensions and using your signature moves that you cannot chain as part of your combos.

Best Bugs combos in Multiversus

Here are some of the best, common, and easy to use Bugs combos in Multiversus. These combos showcase a mixture of mastery and combo extensions, along with some easy combos for players getting into Bugs Bunny. Note that the icons are xbox, and can easily be transitioned to Dualshock. X=Square, and Y=Triangle.

  • Short air to ground combo - Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down-Filled , Air Neutral Xbox-ButtonX > Side attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right-Filled.
  • Extended aerial to ground combo - Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down-Filled > Air Neutral Xbox-ButtonX > Repeat till platform space > Up Attack Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up
  • Ranged combo starter alternative - Down attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down-Filled + throw pie > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down-Filled > Air Neutral Xbox-ButtonX > Repeat

Air neutral or one side attack both serve the same purpose in this combo. Air neutral tends to be better for less knockback, but it’s harder to pull off depending on your fall speed and enemy size. We also recommend using the neutral button Xbox-BumperRight on your controller to land the combo, as it is hard to do otherwise.

  • Safe air to ground combo - Signature Xbox-ButtonY > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down-Filled > ground neutral Xbox-ButtonX.
  • Extended safe combo - Signature Xbox-ButtonY > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down-Filled > Up attackXbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Uair X2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > can do a third time if Triple Jump perk selected.
  • Rocket skybox kill > Up attack (ground or air) Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Uair Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Uair special Xbox-ButtonY
  • Or - Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Up > Charged up attack Xbox-ButtonX-FilledXbox-Dpad-Up into rocket > Jump to heightXbox-ButtonA > Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Up

The rocket skybox kill shot also works with Bug’s ear if the rocket is on cooldown. It’s harder to land but still possible.

  • Basic ground combo - Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right-Filled > Side Attack or Up Attack.
  • Pie Spike - Down attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down-Filled+ throw > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down-Filled the pie into the enemy climbing back up a platform edge.
  • Charmed - Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right-Filled > Charged basic nuetral Xbox-ButtonX-Filled.
  • Air to ground to air - Sair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Left or Xbox-Dpad-Right-Filled > Uair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up (add in as many charged Sairs as needed to get them to the edge of the map.)

Unofficial combos and tips for extending combos or getting kill setup

This section is not so much actual Bugs combos in Multiversus, rather, they are techniques you can add to your combo chaining. Some of these require some advanced level spacing and dodge tracking, while others require some forward planning.

A lot of Bug’s creativity relies on using his signatures and interacting with them. Things like items for safes can be used as throwing weapons to get an extended combo, or use to land a killing shot on enemies near blast zones. Moreso, some of the creativity lies on a rocket falling back down from the sky and having an enemy combod near it to connect them to it for a spike kill. You can also redeliver your rockets from sideways to diagonally upward if you need another hit on a near skybox blast zone.

Another trick with Bugs is that you can use your tunnels to reposition your safe and vertical rocket. This helps to set up new combos by making the enemy gets hit from the tunnel with a special move you can combo into.

It is also worth mentioning if your safe is in the air and hasn’t shattered, you can redirect it with a move to collide with an enemy while they are in knockback from your combos. This acts as a combo extender to any moves set involving a safe. You can also position a safe for later, such as at the end of an extended combo, meaning you can use the safe as your final hit of the combo to get an additional hit for free.

Keep these more advanced plays in mind, and you can extend just about any combo, that bugs could not do with his basic attacks.


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