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How to Train Perks in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

One of the most interesting features of the action platformer, Multiverse is the perk feature. It gives characters four optional perks to add to a character’s offence, defence and utility, along with a character signature skill to buff one of their playstyles. Every character has their own perks to unlock, boosting their play style. However, there is a feature called train perks, which allows you to make your own perk builds. Here is everything you need to know about the train perks feature in Multiversus.

We teach you everything you need to know on the train perks feature in Multiversus.

What is the Train Perk Feature in Multiversus?

When you reach level 9 with a character, you unlock the ability to train perks. It is an interesting feature which allows you to buy any perks for a character and use it on that character. Let us say you get Finn to level 9, you can then head to the train perks section on the character in the collection tab on the main menu and then click the train perks button. You can then see a list of every perk in the game with options to buy and add those perks to the character’s collection. It means you don’t have to use the basic perks that come with the character level unlocks, instead allowing you to specialize your character in whatever way suits you.

How to Train Perks in Multiversus

You can buy perks from this menu and add them to your unlocked perks for a single character.

When you reach level 9 with a character, you can enter the collection and select that chance. You will then find the train perks button is no longer disabled for that character. It will open a new menu up and allow you to see all the perks in the game.

You can then navigate and buy perks of your choosing using gold in your account. The price of the perks is different depending on your account progress.

  • 100 gold (discount)
  • 150 gold (full price)

Most perks in the game are unlocked via the different characters in the game. If you have another character that has unlocked a perk, then you can get a 50 gold discount when buying that perk for another character. It means the cost of buying a perk within those circumstances costs 100 gold.

If you have not unlocked the perk on any other character, it will cost 150 gold. It’s easy to distinguish between the full cost perks and the discount perks, thanks to the compartment menus. The middle section is the discount section, while the menu on the right contains the full-price perks.

As long as you have the gold, you may purchase any perk and add it to your character’s collection. You will need to do this for every character that reaches level 9. It will cost alot of gold to spec up your characters, but it is worth it if you’re dedicated to the characters you main. And there you have it, that’s everything you need to know on the train perks feature in Multiversus.

We recommend not blowing your money on random perks. Instead, why not check out our best perks guide for each character below?


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