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Useful Shaggy Combos in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Shaggy is one of the strongest and biggest cheese bruisers in Multiversus. The character has plenty of combo moves in both land and air and can get some really good early kills thanks to his rage mode. To get the most out of Shaggy, you need to know what combos work on which health percentage, and if you need rage mode to do it. Luckily, we have listed several Shaggy combos in Multiversus, fitted with info relating to the enemy HP, if it works in rage mode and when it can kill.

Here are some tips and tricks to effectively use Shaggys combos in Multiversus. Image via Warner Brothers.

Shaggy Combos in Multiversus

Let’s start with some beginner-friendly combos that you can easily practice with The basic combos are pure combo, meaning they actually are designed for stringing together these short bursts. You’ll find most bruisers tend to have a two-three piece pure combo, which then needs misplays or combo extenders to ease into other combos. Below are three easy Shaggy combos all skill levels can use.

  • Side Attack X2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Up Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up - Three pieces true combo, rather than combo extension to setup aerial combos.
  • Side Attack X2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR> Nair Xbox-ButtonX > Repeat - Three-piece true combo that sets up horizontally extended combos or kills with a charged attack.
  • Nair Xbox-ButtonX > Side Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Charged Neutral Xbox-ButtonX-Filled

The Shaggy combos below are much more advanced or have caveats before you can use them. If you’re wondering why, that’s because Shaggy’s different move sets require certain health before they are as effective as they can be, or they require Shaggy to be in Rage mode to work.

  • Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Nair Xbox-ButtonX > Uair > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down or Sair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR depending on health percentage. Dair for low percent enemies and Sair for higher percent.
  • Side x2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Up Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Special Charged Uair Xbox-ButtonY-FilledXbox-Dpad-Up - This can kill enemies really early on as long as you’re in rage mode. We’re talking around 60 HP enemies if you play it right.
  • Aerial Combo: Up Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > JumpXbox-ButtonA > Uair x2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Special Uair Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Up > either land or jump depending on knock back into one more Uair, light into Special. This juggling combo can kill on higher HPs or earlier on in Rage mode.
  • Charged Down Attack Xbox-ButtonX-FilledXbox-Dpad-Down > Air combo or Special Uair - Use this combo while in Rage mode to create a blast wave that knocks enemies up. You can then follow it up with an air juggle combo or go for a kill with Special Up, depending on the enemy HP.
  • Nair Xbox-ButtonX > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Uair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up - Three-piece combo setup while gliding to the ground and hitting an enemy. It allows the enemy to spike, gets repeatedly hit, and then into an up attack. You can then follow this into the Aerial combo for a combo extension.
  • Fast accelerate horizontal combo: Gain speed and Nair into an enemy > Side Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Down Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Either Up Attack or extend with a horizontal combo. This combo works quite well horizontally when an enemy is on 110% as the fast Nair can accel up to where the knockback sends them to confirm a combo.
  • Side Attack x2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Down Attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down (Jump and immediately Dair to get instant spike ) > Repeat. This is a harder combo but can be constantly applied until an enemy finds a slight gap to dodge.

It is important to note when certain moves can kill. Suppose you’re going for a small combo to get a kill. Any Aerial kill in the skybox needs a mid-heavy character around 130HP before the special Uair kills. The neutral charge attack can kill around 110 Hp from the side of a stage or between the edge and the middle of a stage. Keep these combos in mind and how they get enemies up if you’re going for a killing blow.


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