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Useful Steven Combos in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Steven is the hero of the Steven Universe and comes to save the Mulitversus too. This support character is equipped with a mixture of tank and bruiser-like skills, making it truly one-of-a-kind support, with plenty of combos available. If you’re looking to main him, here’s a list of Steven combos in Multiversus to get the ball rolling.

We teach you the basic Steven combos in Multiversus, among some of the other harder-to-pull-off pro combos.

Steven combos in Multiversus

Steven, like other characters, can box very easily using the basic light side attacks to get some pure combos out on their enemies. However, this character shines by making sure enemies are controlled and near him most of the time. Steven can create lots of very quick resets on combo, allowing Steven to extend combos into also true combos because of the ability for his platforms to work as cover and ping enemies back. It is worth considering and setting these platforms up as you use your basic attacks, as this is one of the neat tricks about Steven. It’s also worth taking the Bubble Bounce signature perk, largely because it extends hitstun and velocity, meaning you can make extended combos off his shields into true combos much easier.

The other important thing to note about Steven is that his neutral attack is a very strong one. It can do one very quick hit,m that has little knockback at no charge. It means Steven can use this move as a combo extender for the most part for both air combos and ground combos.

  • Side Attack 3 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR
  • Side Attack 2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Up Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up
  • Side Attack 2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Down Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down
  • Side attack x2 Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Special Side Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-LR
  • Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Up Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Uair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up
  • Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Nair Xbox-ButtonX
  • Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > Special side Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-LR - This is better used with special in the air because of the enhanced speed to catch up to enemies pinged further due to higher HP percentages. It can feel like a true combo at lower HP, but keep it in mind it can be dodged.
  • Up Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Special Up Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Up > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down > This is the combo you can use to ping someone back down, thanks to the platform spawn from your special. You can then repeat the combo with another Up attack and Dair until they dodge out or eventually knockback out of it.
  • Side Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Down Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down> Side Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Up Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up > Uair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Up - This combo works on enemies with lower health percentages and requires you to somewhat accelerate or dash towards the enemy with the second side attack to catch them while it is still classed as a true combo. On higher HPS, they can dash at the second side attack if you’re not quick enough.

Harder to pull off combos

These combos are the sort of combos some of the leaderboard Steven players try to do. They are incredibly difficult to land perfectly, but they are rather incredible when they do.

This gif is an example of the momentum Dair specials you can weave into the harder to use combos. If you master them, you can commbo one player from one end of the stage to another or even spike them at the end of it. Hpwever, the Shaggy bot is a pain since it likes to doge invuln as soon as it goes near the edge to avoid the spike, but real players may not be abble to prevent themsevles from getting it. Keep it in mind you like to practise using the lab.

  • Down special Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Down > Nair Xbox-ButtonX - This drags you down using a shield like a skateboard, and diving kicks you. You can then briefly Nair and then set up another combo.
  • Sair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Dair special Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Down > Sair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down. This is a powerful true combo, but it’s very hard to pull off and needs some precise timing from the first Sair to move to Dair.
  • Side Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > Jump into Sair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR> Dair special Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-Down > Dair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down - Another move that carries Steven using moves to accel through the air and spike an enemy off the platform, but it is very hard to pull off and requires the enemy to be around 90HP.
  • Sair Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR > DairXbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-Down. This combo typical launches an enemy on the ground, but you can use it to skate along and hit a higher HP enemy. It is quite hard to do, but it can work. Those who master it can follow it into a dunk if they get them off the platform.
  • Special side Xbox-ButtonYXbox-Dpad-LR > side attack Xbox-ButtonXXbox-Dpad-LR combo > Neutral Xbox-ButtonX. This combo creates a platform to your side to repeatedly launch enemies into for combo refreshes.


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