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Best Iron Giant Perks in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

The Iron Giant is the first gigantic character in Multiversus, equipped with fuel for a jump and giant metal-related health and tanky-related measures to stay alive. And he needs it to, with its massive hitbox being a problem for the character If you’re a player gunning for the Iron Giant, then you’re going to want to bring even more defensive perks to the character to make sure its gigantic hitbox is not a weakness. Here are the best Iron Giant perks for Multiversus.

Here are the best perks for the Iron Giant in Multiversus. Image via Warner Brothers.

Best Iron Giant Perks in Multiversus

Best Iron Giant Perks in Multiversus Description Slot
Afterburners When Iron Giant rocket boots ignite the ground, they leave behind firewalls. Signature Perk
Aerial Acrobat Your team receives a 10% increased ait acceleration. Utility Perk
Slippery Customer Your team receives a 10% longer dodge invulnerability window. Defense Perk
Fancy Footwork Your team receives a 5% increased dodge distance. Utility Perk

The fundamentals of these Iron Giant perks are all about avoiding getting chained. With the size of Iron Giant, it’s easy to get into an awkward position after a combo reset and hitstun Iron Giant repeatedly. Therefore, Fany Footwork’s dodge distance and Slippery Customers invulnerability make the Iron Giant better fitte dfor platfrom action. These offer great tools for avoiding threats and ensuring you can return fire, rather than be hitstuned and sent to the scrap heap.

On the other hand, you want Aerial Acrobat. The perk enables IUron Gaint to get more distance with its fuel tank while in the air. It means that you can spend a fraction more fuel messing around with your aerial specials, or constantly burning enemies with your thrusters on the ground.

This leads to the final perk, Afterburners. When both feet touch the ground during the thrusters, they leave behind a firewall. These can be useful for ensuring no attempt to uppercut you as you come to lands or use them as a temporary zoning tool for enemies coming at you horizontally. If your ally stunlocks a player in 2v2, Iron Giant can drop the firewall down to add a few safe points of damage without messing up.

Overall, these perks are the most practical ones for the Iron Giant and, therefore, are the best Iron Giant perks in Multiversus.


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