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Best Wonder Woman Perks in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Wonder Woman is the first character everyone gets in Multriversus, with the character having a very tanky and defensive playstyle. However, she is a solid platform combo starter, with some solid knockback through charges and shields. If you want to take advantage of what she offers, here are the best Wonder Woman perks in Multiversus.

Here are the best Wonder Woman pers in Multiversus and the reasons why we believe them to be the case. Image via Warner Brothers.

Best Wonder Woman perks in Multiversus

Best Wonder Woman Perks in Multiversus Description Slot
Whip of Hephaestus The tip of Wonder Woman’s lasso has a powerful knockback sweetspot Signature Perk
Coffeezilla Your team receives a 10% reduced ability cooldown duration. Utility Perk
Triple Jump Hitting an enemy in the air grants an extra jump Utility Perk
The third slot is situational. Read the final paragraph of the page to understand why.

The Signature Perk for Wonder Woman is hands-down the Whip of Hephaestus. The reason for it is because of the added knockback potential at the end of a combo. You want to use this as an unofficial combo end, or perhaps as a peeling too for your allies in 2v2. You can do along six-skill combo on an enemy on how health percentages, then follow it up with a whip sweet spot knockback and a signature ground charge for a super extended combo play outside of the hit stun. Alternatively, you can throw it at an ally and crack enemies off them if they are dogpiling your ally. This fits Wonder Wowman quite well as she is an off-support character, while still giving her some decent knockback.

Outside of that, you want Coffeezilla. The idea behind Wonder Woman, at least in 2v2 is to use the down special to teleport to an ally and grant them and herself armor. You can use this to save incoming knockout killing blows and turn the tide in your favour. So, having access to this is very important in your games.

Triple Jump is another good one for those whoo transition their combos into aerial chains. Wonder Woman has a very good air juggle, and has decent knockback on her special Uairs. You can easily up attack Uair special Uair and another and graba kill on an enemy around 100 HP using this copmbo while Triple Jump is active.

The last perk depends on your preference. You can take something like Master Brawler for the extra damage on your grounder extended combos. Alternatively, you can ignore an offense perk and go Aerial Acceleration for those accelerated edge plays with your Nair and Sair moves to land fast hitting kill confirms in the air. Or, you can use the slot to link up with a partner’s offense perk and support them. Examples include Ice to Beat You for support or mage characters, or take something like Lumpy Space Punch for your assassin or aerial bruisers. This is one of the benefits of Wonder Woman, especially in 2v2, and the fact she plays a cecent Hybrid tank role so it is a matter of your own playstyle preference.


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