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Best Garnet Perks in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Garnet is our music-loving friend from the Steven Universe, brought to Multiversus to drop the wubs on enemies and punch people off platforms. Garnet has some short but strong hits, combined with a decent vertical and horizontal knockout potential on higher HP enemies. You’ll need plenty of bonus perks to ensure the rate enemies bruise is quickened. Here are the best Garnet perks in Multiversus, to increase her potential.

Garnet is a punch heavy horizontal bruiser relying on a select few perks. Image via Warner Brothers.

Best Garnet Perks in Multiversus

Best Garnet Perks in Multiversus Description Slot
Electric Groove Applying Shocked to enemies as Garnet or her ally grant stacks of Garnet’s Rhythem Signature Perk
Percussive Punch Power Your team deals 5% increased damage with attacks that knock back enemies horizontally Offensive Perk
Coffeezilla Your team receives a 10% reduced ability cooldown duration. Utility Perk
Leg Day Champion Your team receives 10% increases in jump height. Utility Perk

The first thing you need to know about Garnet is that this character is all about doing short burst combos, mainly on platforms. This is the reason why you want to go Percussive Punching Power, despite one or two aerial combos. Your bread and butter is your repeated normal attack combos, with the one-two, knockback attack. Using your uppercuts, you also have the charged down attack for knockback with combo extenders. You also get decent usage out of your specials, including the rocket fists and the Gem Dash skill. These two skills are your big damage specials and will likely get the most out of horizontal outplays.

You also want the Electric Groove Signature Perk. This is because your downward charge attack is very easy to pull off. It means you can reliably combo this, especially on lower HP percentage enemies and get your movement speed stack top close gaps and be on top of enemies.

Then for the other two, we recommend Utility Perks. The Coffeezilla is very valuable on Garnet because of her lengthy special CDs. The Rocket Punch and the Blink Gem are the two most important specials. The Rocket Punch on charge-ups does some decent damage with some of the strongest knockback available to Garnet. This can also extend combos fairly well when used after two side attacks. The same can be said for the Gem Dash, with the tool being used to drag enemies to edges and then launched through the skill’s knockback for killing blows. Having access to these off cooldowns helps Garnet kill potential since she relies on low HP enemies to get the strong knockback.

Lastly, you want to take Leg Day. Garnet doesn’t have a particularly great jump, so getting more jump height helps her perform her aerial up attacks much easier. You then follow it with her up special to extend her jump height and get a vertical execution, removing the need for Triple Jump. There’s even possible this can be used horizontally, too, thanks to the limbs extending and hitting sideways. What we’re saying is even her only reliable vertical combo can be used horziontally for other perk bonuses.


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