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Best Perks in MultiVersus

Craig Robinson

MultiVersus has many perks available for characters to use when reaching level 9. Those in the offence tab add different damage modifiers, and those specialize in defence or provide character or team utility. Working out the best perks for your character can be challenging, but luckily, there are a few rules you can follow. Here are the best Multiversus perks in the game.

There are 43 perks in MultiVersus that every character can train. But which of those are worth getting?

Best MultiVersus Perks explained

The general rule of thumb is that there are plenty of extra useful perks, while some are better suited for different characters. When you see a list of what we deem the best perks in MultiVersus, we shall explain why that is the case.


  • Tasmanian Trigonometry - This reduces your knockback influence by 15%, making it easier to control yourself when you get knocked back. It’s a decent perk for those who need to control themselves due to their lightweight character weight, but it isn’t always necessary. It’s something to consider taking for advanced players more familiar with matchups that counter them.
  • Triple Jump - Most fighters in the game have some form of an aerial combo, juggle, or vertical style of play. This is necessary for any offensive character with a reliable combo listed above, with Arya, Batman, Lebron, Superman, etc., using their combos to get early kills.
  • Last Stand - Last Stand increases the damage by 10% when your team reaches 100 damage. This is really good for assassins or carry fighters for getting extra damage on the board.
  • Coffeezilla - Coffeezilla is a broad cooldown reducer offering 10% CDR. This comes in handy for those who rely on a cooldown(s) to play, such as Wonder Woman, Bugs, T&J, Velma, Batman, etc.


  • School Me Once - This is a situational perk not always required but necessary if you’re playing into a range-heavy matchup. If you encounter a Velma 1v1, you will want to use this perk to block incoming ranged poke as a solid example of its situational use.
  • Clean the Air - This is another anti-projectile which destroys projectiles on the map if you successfully dodge one. This can kill Jerry, for example, but it is highly situational.
  • Boundless Energy - Boundless Energy gives players a better dodge. This is handy for those who rely on using their dodge to carry their momentum to extend combos, or need it for their defensive playstyle, such as assassins.
  • Slippery Customer - This is another dodge-based perk, which increases the invulnerability length by 10%. It’s a personal choice for those looking for a dodge-themed perk to avoid hit stuns.
  • ‘Toon Elasticity - This is a decent perk to counter enemies who use on-floor bounce combos. Examples include the likes of Superman side into down combo, T&J’s Dair into neutral, Steven’s shield bounces and more.


  • That’s Flammable, Doc - This is a go-to perk for those who use ranged attacks for added burn damage. It guarantees one damage after melee striking an enemy hit with a projectile. Examples include Reindog, Batman, and Bugs.
  • Ice to Beat You - Ranged attacks apply a slow effect. This is another handy tool for making it easier to avoid enemies or to land your combos on an enemy after using ranged attacks. It is something most ranged characters take in general.
  • Deadshot - Increases the damage of projectiles by 5%. Generally, a decent perk if you know you’re ranged attacks land. Examples include Velma, T&J and more.
  • Lumpy Space Punch - A fighter with decent aerial combos adds more damage to that playstyle. This is useful on most combos on assassins and vertical or hybrid characters.
  • Up, Up, and A-Slay - Another option to take over or pair with Lumpy for hybrid characters with more air-based combos.
  • Percussive Punch Power - This is a go-to perk for characters with lots of horizontal knockback skills. The best examples of this include the likes of Garnet and Taz, but others can take it if they want.
  • Painted Target - If you’re playing a character that can extend pure combos, this works rather well. Examples include T+J, Superman, Steven and more.

These examples are the best perks in Multiversus. However, you can only take three perks for any character. Therefore, we recommend finding your preferred playstyle on a character you want to play, taking a core set you like using, and then take the situational ones when you’re more familiar with matchups. There are no best perks for a specific character, largely down to they different styles of paly, situational combo usage and, of course, perks to counter.


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