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Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 08-04-2020 / 18:36 GMT

Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Guide

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Pokemon Breeding

How to Max IVs

Having max IVs is unnecessary for the story, but essential against skilled players.


  • Access to the Daycare
  • One Everstone for ideal Nature
  • One Destiny Knot for ideal IVs
  • A Ditto with two-three perfect IVs (from DexNav searching)
  • A second Ditto with different perfect IVs
  • A third Ditto with different perfect IVs (unnecessary if you have two Dittos with three different perfect IVs, but this is unlikely)

Note : You can use a different Pokémon instead of Ditto if that Pokémon falls in the right gender/Egg Group (must be female and same species or male and same Egg Group/species); it’s just Ditto is simpler.


  • A Pokémon with 31 IVs in multiple stats!
  • A Pokémon with an ideal Nature for whatever stat you want (if you use the Everstone)
  • It can be coupled with the Masuda method (see later) if you have enough foreign Pokémon


This is a method for breeding Pokémon in such a way as to breed them to have perfect IVs.

Breeding Pokémon can be a tedious process, especially when you don’t know what you’re even passing down - the hold items can help, but, for example, using Dittos with six perfect IVs can take about 20 Eggs if you have a Pokémon with the right Nature to breed with, and well around 100 without in some cases.

Well, anyway, this method is to get you max IVs on all six stats - as you recall, IVs boost stat growth by their value (0~31) at Level 100, and proportionately at lower levels. Combining this with an ideal Nature allows you to effectively boost a stat 34.1 points above the base value.

With maxed EVs (252+) in a stat, you can increase a stat by almost 100 points! When it comes to powerhouses like Rhydon in Attack (130 base) or tanks like Blissey (255 base HP), these are significant increases. God forbid you max out the EVs, IVs, and give an offense-centric Nature to a Shuckle knowing Power Trick.

The Method

You can find Slugma with Flame Body in the Fiery Path.

The process requires a Ditto with two perfect IVs. You can also combine this with the Masuda method (detailed in the next section) for somewhat likely Shiny Pokémon.

It is recommended you do this by hatching five Eggs at a time, and also that you have a Pokémon with the Flame Body or Magma Body abilities in the party (alongside the Eggs) to speed up the process.

Step 1

So, once you have the Ditto (or applicable replacement), you need a Pokémon of the desired species (female if looking for the hidden ability and she already has it or if you aren’t breeding with a Ditto).

Whoever has the desired Nature should hold the Everstone to pass it to the child; the other should hold the Destiny Knot so you can pass down IVs. Then breed the two together.

Step 2

The child will inherit the chosen Nature, but at this early stage, any perfect IVs aren’t guaranteed. Ideally you want a child that has inherited all of the Ditto’s perfect IVs, usually two or three, but they could have none.

To be sure of any perfect IVs, check with the IV Judge - the Ace Trainer in the Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center. It will be unlikely for you to actually find a child early on with all of their IVs maxed, but it helps a lot to know what cards you’ve been dealt.

When a child that has inherited all the Ditto’s perfect IVs is produced (or you’re happy enough), make them hold the Everstone and breed that with the second Ditto with different perfect IVs (now holding the Destiny Knot).

Stuff like Flame Body/Magma Armour and Hatching Power really help here.

Step 3

The child (grandchild, perhaps?) will again have the desired Nature and possibly some perfect IVs. When you eventually produce a child that has inherited both the first and second Ditto’s perfect IVs (or enough perfect IVs), breed the child (with the Everstone) with the third Ditto (with the Destiny Knot).

Step 4+

With luck, this will eventually result in a child with five or more perfect IVs - if not, the Destiny Knot’s RNG didn’t like you, so try again. From here, simply continue replacing the parents with any superior children until you get perfect IVs in all the stats that you want.

Basically compare the children to the parents’ IVs and think this: "If I were to replace one of the parents with this Pokémon, would I (a) have more complete IVs among the two than before and (b) would I still be able to get all of the IVs I want?"

In other words, you’ll want to first replace the Dittos with 2 perfect IV with male children with more than 2 perfect IVs. As soon as you get two parents with 4-5 perfect IVs, the breeding should become far smoother and you’ll regularly output children with many perfect IVs.

Additional Thoughts

If you begin the breeding programme with a Pokémon of an non-ideal Nature (not recommended, but sometimes you don’t have a choice), instead be sure to only look out for that Pokémon with the right Nature to begin with. Then move onto IVs, as changing Natures midway isn’t easy.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a particular Hidden Ability, remember to toss any children that don’t inherit the Hidden Ability, as they won’t be able to pass the Hidden Ability down ever. Even if they have fantastic IVs.

Perfection Not Always Necessary

Mega Absol can use Special attacks on the side, but Volcarona isn't great Physically.

Often, you might find Pokémon with only five maxed IVs, or actually you want a Pokémon like this. The main reason is their Attack and Special Attack for offense.

Typically, people will engineer Pokémon in breeding so that the Pokémon’s higher of Attack or Special Attack in their base stats is favored by Nature, EVs, and IVs, often letting the other of the two go completely neglected.

Doing so can result in much saved time: since you don’t have to work on one of the stats, EVs and such can be devoted to the other(s), time is very much saved, and you don’t have to figure out which stat you want the Nature to detract from.

The main reason for this is that the Trainer will have an only-Physical (Attack/Defense) or only-Special (Special Attack/Special Defense) moveset. If you are opting for such a moveset, you are more than welcome to ignore the stat you’re not even going to use whatsoever.

Other than Pokémon with varied movesets and certain other strategies, 6 IVs only has a use in influencing Hidden Power and for additional breeding with the Destiny Knot.

An Example

Just in case the previous description wasn’t very clear, let’s say you want a perfect-IV Cinccino. You will first then want a perfect-IV Minccino from the Daycare. So, this is what you bring to the situation.

What you may use :

  • Any Minccino or Cinccino (we'll assume Minccino)
  • A Ditto nicknamed "HP/Sp.Atk", with maxed Max HP and Special Attack IVs
  • A Ditto nicknamed "Df/Sp.Def", with maxed Defense and Special Defense IVs
  • A Ditto nicknamed "Spd./Atk.", with maxed Speed and Attack IVs
  • One Destiny Knot
  • One Everstone (to get the ideal Nature)

You'll be seeing this sight a lot; better get used to it!

Process :

1st Generation

Breed Minccino and a Ditto - for this, you’ll use "HP/Sp.Atk." for those IVs. Have the one with the desired Nature hold the Everstone as applicable, and the other (or any) have a Destiny Knot.

Obtain and hatch Eggs until you get a Minccino with two or more perfect IVs.

2nd Generation

Get the Minccino and another Ditto with different IVs together; have one hold the Destiny Knot, and if you have the Minccino with the right Nature, have it hold an Everstone.

Obtain and hatch Eggs until you get a Minccino with four or more perfect IVs.

3rd Generation

Get this third Minccino and the third Ditto together, the latter having still-unobtained perfect IVs: have one hold the Destiny Knot, and if you have an ideal-Nature Minccino, have it hold the Everstone.

Obtain and hatch Eggs until you have a Minccino with five or more perfect IVs. Of course if you have six perfect IVs or five perfect IVs in the correct places (everywhere but Special Attack, since Cinccino is physical-oriented), you can stop now! Congratulations!

4th Generation+

If you have male and female Minccinos, one with five perfect IVs (in an undesired spread, eg. Speed isn’t perfect) and another with at least three perfect IVs (preferably including one perfect stat that the other Minccino is missing), breed them together.

Keep doing this, while replacing any parents with superior children (eg. if you have a father with three perfect IVs and get a male Minccino with four perfect IVs, get rid of the father) until you finally get the Minccino you set out to get.

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