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Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Get The Hope You Like Thrill Rides Trophy in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Shane Williams

Resident Evil 4 Remake launched on March 24th 2023 and is a fantastic remake of one of the most revered games ever created. With this version of Resident Evil 4 Remake, there are many challenging scenarios that will award you with a Trophy/Achievement. This page will give you all the guidance you need for the Hope You Like Thrill Rides Trophy in Chapter 11.

You’ll obtain the Hope You Enjoy Thrill Rides Trophy upon completing the minecart section unscathed.

How To Get Through The Minecart Section Without Getting Hit

The Hope You Like Thrill Rides Trophy is one of the more difficult chapter-specific trophies which you’ll reach after defeating the two El Gigantes in Chapter 11. This will require a fair bit of practice, so you can learn the positions of all the enemies. There are two separate sections to the Minecart system with the second portion being a lot harder. However, if you get hit at any point, then you can simply reload your auto-save and try again from the beginning.

How To Keep The Cart On The Tracks

Once you begin your first journey on the Minecart you’ll have no enemies to deal with yet, but for now you’ll need to learn how to keep the cart on the tracks. In order to do this you’ll have to position the analog in the opposite direction to where the cart is falling, so if it’s tilting towards the right, then you’ll want to hold the analog stick to the left. Eventually, you’ll come across some wooden planks blocking your path, so use your Handgun and shoot them down, so you can continue. Throughout your journey you’ll eventually see a yellow lever that you’ll need to make sure you shoot before you reach it Otherwise you’ll reach a dead-end and have to restart.

(1 of 3) Counter the steering to stay on the tracks.

How To Take Out The Enemies

As you’re moving along your track you’ll have to deal with multiple enemies shooting you, so you’ll need to be as accurate as possible to ensure you shoot them before they get you, so you’ll want to position your cursor slightly ahead of them, then shoot as they pass it. Once you’ve defeated the first enemy, you’ll constantly want to be looking to the tracks on the right and left, as enemies will appear on both throughout. As you progress further into the ride you’ll notice enemies appear in groups.

Here you don’t want to rush or panic as it’ll cause you to mess up, so like you did with the first single enemy, aim slightly in front of the enemy in front and twice to pick both of them off. Alternatively, you’ll see explosive barrels which you can use to take them out by waiting for them to get close to it before shooting. Finally, you’ll have Chainsaw Man riding alongside you, so you want to keep shooting them, as it’ll stun them and prevent them from being able to strike you.

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