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Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Get the Capacity Compliance Trophy in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Ben Chard

Resident Evil 4 Remake launched on March 24th 2023 and is a fantastic remake of one of the most revered games ever created. With this version of Resident Evil 4 Remake, there are many challenging scenarios that will award you with a Trophy/Achievement. This page will give you all the guidance you need for the Capacity Compliance Trophy/Achievement in Chapter 12.

Capacity Compliance is one of the toughest campaign trophies to get in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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Capacity Compliance

Reach the top of the clock tower without the lift stopping once.

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How to Reach the Top of the Clocktower Without the Lift Stopping

This Trophy/Achievement is one of the toughest campaign ones to get, you’ll need to be quick and precise with your shots, and if you’re coming into it short on ammo, it will only make it even more difficult. During your objective to rescue Ashley in Chapter 12, you’ll head across a gondola to the Clocktower.

Make your way up to the top of the Clocktower and once you pass beyond the Ganado who uses the lever to drop a spiked ball on you, you will be able to drop down to the elevator in question. Once you pull the lever, the elevator will start rising and it will also lock you out of the rest of the Castle section, so make sure you’ve done everything you need to before then.

The goal for the Trophy/Achievement is to prevent any enemy from jumping on to it, this will cause the lift to stop moving and void the attempt. If this happens, you can hit pause and reload your autosave to find yourself back before you pulled the lever. This will require precise shooting from you and if you’re short on ammo, it’s going to be even more difficult.

(1 of 3) Pull the lever to trigger the spiked ball and defeat the red cultist after you activate the lift lever

When the elevator starts moving, you’ll notice a red Cultist behind the bars, you need to take it out as soon as possible and there’s a little trick here to save yourself some bullets. Before pulling the lever to activate the lift, return to the lever at the top of the ladder and pull it to drop a spiked ball, then quickly return to the elevator and get it moving, this will cause the ball to hit the red cultist as it runs up.

Now begins the real test of your shooting accuracy, as the elevator will begin raising. Look up and to the right of your lever to spot an explosive barrel, hold off on shooting it right away. The first Cultist will run next to it that you should be able to deal with using a Handgun easily. Shortly after this, two more will run by the explosive barrel, this is the time to hit it and take both out, then look just to the left of it to find another.

You can ignore this side now so turn left and look to the second barrel (the one higher up on the left), shortly a Cultist will run to those stairs so try and kill him before he can go any further. Then, quickly turn to the right and hit the explosive to blow up a Cultist that should be preparing to jump on to the elevator.

(1 of 4) Watch for this enemy and hit him before he can go any further

You have a few seconds here to reload, then turn to face the platform where that other explosive barrel is. To the left, a cultist will soon run and try to get to the platform further left, you’ll want to make sure you kill them before they can get there, or there’s a good chance you’ll fail. Immediately turn to that explosive barrel you left and hit it to blow up another 3-4 Cultists.

You’re halfway there at this point, but the next part gets a lot more chaotic, and you may find you’ll need to switch to an automatic weapon like the TMP or a gun that can hit multiple enemies at once such as the Striker.

Facing where you exploded the last barrel, turn right, and look up, you’ll soon see another red Cultist come into view. You’ll want to put him down before you’re level with him, so if you have a powerful gun like the Broken Butterfly, use that to deal with him quickly (the explosive barrel to the left of him will also help).

(1 of 5) Use the barrel on the left to knock the red cultist down

Quickly face right of the red Cultist, most of the enemies at this part of the ride will come from here. Watch as they run up and try to take them out before they can prepare to jump on the elevator. If you see Cultists standing on the platform above the explosive barrel, trigger it to deal with them. The most troublesome enemy here though is at the very top, you’ll be able to see the shield as you’re rising. Use a gun like the Stingray to take aim and deal with him before he gets close.

Once you reach the top and the elevator stops, you’ll get the Trophy/Achievement. There is a possibility of another Cultist dropping on to the elevator at this point, but this matters little if you’ve already reached the top and got your award.

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