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Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Complete The Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Shane Williams

Resident Evil 4 Remake was released on the 24 March 2023 and as you work your way through the 16 Chapters you’ll encounter a variety of puzzles which can be challenging. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps of completing the Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle which takes place in Chapter 9.

You’ll reach the Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle towards the end of Chapter 9.

Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle Location

Once you’ve found the Serpent Head, Lion Head and Goat Head, return to the headless statue in the Grand Hall and place them to trigger a cutscene. Following the cutscene Leon will be trapped, so you’ll have to play as Ashley for the remaining portion of Chapter 9. However, before you can reach the Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle you’ll need to find the key item Bunch of Keys.

You can find this by heading to the south side of the library and placing the lantern to reveal a staircase. Collect the lantern and walk up the stairs to find the keys on the desk. From here, head to the opposite side of the Library and interact with the elevator. Here you’ll want to use the third key to unlock it. Use the elevator to reach the Typewriter room. You’ll now need to solve the grandfather clock puzzle. Upon solving the puzzle, take the next elevator down to the Mausoleum. Finally, follow the path along and you’ll reach the Lantern Puzzle.

Lantern Puzzle Solution

(1 of 2) Match the symbol on the lantern

Match the symbol on the lantern (left), with the symbol on the wall. (right)

You’ll notice that there are three different types of symbols on the wall opposite the pedestal and they are the following: Star, Full Moon and Half Moon. Here you can pick up the lanterns and move them around, so you can put the correct one down. The goal here is to have the light and the symbols match up, so on the left you’ll want Half-Moon, on the right Star and the back Full Moon. If done correctly the gate will open and you can obtain the Salazar Family Insignia which is required to reach Leon and complete the Chapter.

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