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Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Defeat Krauser in Chapter 11 of Resident Evil 4 Remake

Ben Chard

Resident Evil 4 Remake features many iconic battles, and the one against the mysterious Jack Krauser takes place at the end of Chapter 11. It’s a rather unique battle in that you will only be able to use the knife. This page will detail how to defeat Jack Krauser and continue your search for Ashley.

The first Krauser battle in Chapter 11 is a straight-up knife battle.

Jack Krauser Boss Fight

After all of the thrills of the mines in Chapter 11, you’ll finally take the lift out of there along with Luis. Your joy is a short-lived one, however, as Luis meets an untimely end at the hands of Jack Krauser, Leon’s former instructor. After a quick exchange between the two former colleagues, an epic battle ensues!

Before you even begin the battle, make use of the Merchant to ensure you’ve upgraded your Combat Knife as high as possible, especially the durability. This is because the battle against Krauser is a straight-up knife battle between the pair, no guns allowed! Thankfully, there are a few Boot Knives scattered around the arena (along with a Green Herb) should you happen to break your knife during the battle. Needless to say though, you’ll need to strike Krauser far fewer times if you’ve spent time upgrading the Combat Knife’s power.

(1 of 2) Look for the parry icon in the bottom right for the correct timing

Look for the parry icon in the bottom right for the correct timing (left), this will give you an opening to slash away at Krauser. (right)

As mentioned above, the battle against Krauser is a test of your ability to parry with the knife as you won’t be able to use a gun during the battle. Keeping your patience and not panicking is the key to winning this battle. As such, there are no specific attacks to watch out for but instead, keeping an eye out for the parry and evade prompts throughout the battle.

Don’t chase Krauser, instead, hold your ground and let him initiate the attack, this will give you the best opportunity at countering his blows. If you’re not used to parrying in general, ignore the on-screen action for the most part and keep your eyes peeled to the hud in the bottom right. When a parry opportunity is available, you’ll see the button prompt under the icon of your knife, hit the button then and you’re guaranteed to parry.

Early on in the battle, a single parry is enough to create an opening for you to get in a few slashes against Krauser. Later on, however, you’ll need to parry multiple strikes at once before he’ll present you with an opening. Slash him enough times and you’ll get a melee prompt, be sure to land this and then run over for a few more slashes before he can get up.

(1 of 2) Look for the melee prompts and make good use of them

Look for the melee prompts and make good use of them (left), get ready to mash the button if you find yourself in a clash. (right)

You’ll also need to pay attention for the occasional evade prompt, these attacks can’t be parried and must be evaded, or else you’ll get knocked to the ground yourself. There are also moments where the two will clash, mash the on-screen button as fast as possible to break out of it and knock Krauser back.

Krauser will make it harder to track him as he gets low on health, using leaps behind you try and catch you unaware or tossing a knife at you that will knock you down. Still, so long as you keep your focus on holding your position and parrying him, this is a simple battle and although the fight is won, you’ll be seeing more of Krauser later.

Krauser Fight Video Guide

If you want to see us in action fighting this boss, check the video below.

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