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Resident Evil 4 Remake

All Weapon Parts in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Ben Chard

Resident Evil 4 Remake offers a plethora of weapons, a total of 29 weapons are there to be had and unless you plan on playing multiple New Game+ you will have to make a choice on what you upgrade and use. Beyond the weapons themselves are various attachments that you can equip to certain weapons, enhancing them in various ways. This page will detail where to find every one of them and what effects they have.

Weapon parts such as the Red9 Stock make a huge difference to their weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Where To Find All Weapon Attachments

Weapon Parts can really transform the effectiveness of how certain weapons act, while others are virtually indispensable to their weapon, such as the various scopes for Rifles. You’ll need to take into account the extra space in your inventory for them, and you can only equip one attachment per weapon (so you can’t use the Scope on all three Rifles for example).

Outside of the Biosensor Scope, which is found as part of the story, all of the other weapon parts come from the Merchant. The table below lists all of the weapon parts, where you can find them, and what their effects are:

Part Weapons Equippable Obtained Effect
Scope SR M1903, Stingray, CQBR Assault Rifle, LE 5 Merchant (4,000) Offers two stages of magnification
Laser Sight SG-09 R, Punisher Merchant (10 Spinels) Adds a laser that can be used to make more accurate shots
High-Power Scope SR M1903, Stingray, CQBR Assault Rifle, LE 5 Merchant (7 Spinels) Offers three stages of magnification
TMP Stock TMP Merchant (8 Spinels) Reduces recoil and improves accuracy
Red9 Stock Red9 Merchant (9 Spinels) Improves precision and shot grouping
Matilda Stock Matilda Merchant (12 Spinels) Will allow the Matilda to shoot three-round bursts
Biosensor Scope SR M1903, Stingray, CQBR Assault Rifle, LE 5 Chapter 13 Incubation Lab Can be used to highly parasites in Regeneradors

It goes without saying, but if you’re using one of the weapons that can use any of these attachments, make use of them. The TMP, for example, is a much better weapon with its Stock equipped; likewise, you’ll want some form of scope on any of the weapons. If you pick up both scopes, that’s two weapons that can use one (such as a Stingray and the CQBR Assault Rifle).

Where to get the Biosensor Scope

The Biosensor Scope can be found in Chapter 13 and is vital for taking out Regeneradors.

As mentioned above, this is the only weapon part that is not obtained via the Merchant but is instead found in Chapter 13. This is because you’ll need to use this in order to take out the Regenerador enemies that you start encountering at that point.

To find the Biosensor Scope, continue through Chapter 13 until you get to the part where you pick up the Keycard for the first time, the Biosensor Scope can be found sitting in a case in the same room. Be sure to equip it on a rifle such as the Stingray right away as it will become invaluable for a while.

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