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Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Defeat the Merciless Knight in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Ben Chard

Resident Evil 4 Remake brings a whole host of new features to an already excellent game. The addition of Blue Request Notes are one such feature and completing them will reward you with useful items and other resources. This page focuses on a request that you will come across in Chapter 10, The Merciless Knight.

Merciless Knight is a request in Chapter 10 of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Request Area Reward
Defeat the strong threat Mausoleum Spinel x8

The Merciless Knight Request in RE4 Remake

Once you start Chapter 10, head into the room to the right of the three-headed statue and you’ll find the blue note request on some drawers (opposite the doors leading to the Ballroom). Your current story objective is taking you to the Ballroom, but ignore this for now and instead make your way back down to the Mausoleum where you completed the lantern puzzle as Ashley in the previous Chapter. To get there, take the southern exit out of this room and follow the path back to the library, you can then reach the Mausoleum from there.

You will find the note in the room to the right of the three-headed statue.

Make sure you’re prepared for when you head down there, a challenging battle awaits you. As you may expect, the Merciless Knight is a tougher version of the regular knights you’ve fought already a few times. Not only is this knight sturdier, but it is also accompanied by three regular knights and you’re in a rather enclosed area.

Hopefully you have Flash Grenades at hand, and if not, you have the means to craft some as they’ll save you a lot of hassle here. Be careful not to waste them though, they won’t be effective until you’ve knocked the helmets off and revealed the parasite. Your first focus should be to dispatch those three regular knights, use a powerful Shotgun such as the Striker (which will allow you to hit more than one at a time) to try and knock the helmets off, then use a single Flash Grenade to wipe them out.

This will then give you the space to run around in and avoid the Merciless Knight. It can use several attacks with its Greatsword, such as a thrust and a slam, if you get caught by the slam especially, it’ll deal heavy damage and knock you to the ground.

(1 of 3) You will need to deal with two regular Knights alongside the Merciless Knight

The plan, then, is to keep on the move to avoid its massive range and take pot shots at the helmet when you can. Use the pillars to shield yourself from the attacks and then pop out to blast it with a Shotgun or other like-minded weapon. Once the parasite is revealed, use a Flash Grenade if you have one, otherwise keep your distance and use either a rifle or upgraded Handgun to take it out from range.

With the Merciless Knight defeated, you can return to the nearest Merchant and report it to obtain your reward of 8 Spinels.

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