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Resident Evil 4 Remake

Freezer Power Puzzle Solution in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Matt Chard

One of the toughest puzzles in Resident Evil 4 Remake is the Chapter 13 puzzle that requires you to restore the power. This is commonly known as the Freezer Power Puzzle. The reason this puzzle is notorious is due to being chased by numerous Regenerador’s who regenerate their limbs, and can only die if you shoot their weak spots. Read below to find the best way to complete the Freezer Power Puzzle.

Be careful of the Regenerador’s in this area.

How to Complete the Freezer Power Puzzle

During chapters 13, and 14, you’ll encounter these puzzles more frequently. This particular puzzle can be found inside the Freezer room which is the area you’ll go to upgrade your Keycard to level 2. Approach the console to the right of the entrance to begin the puzzle.

The Power Console can be found to the right of the Freezer entrance.

The idea of the puzzle is to flick the switches so all the power nodes are aligned. In the top-right corner of the screen, you’ll see the electricity symbol with 0/5 next to it. You want this to say 5/5 to complete the puzzle, and you can do this by manipulating the many switches.

At the bottom of the console is a switch with five notches above it, and you can move the switch left to right, and vice versa. The first four notches indicate what part of the circuit you’re controlling with the fifth notch being the confirm power button. The first notch controls the outer part of the circuit with the rest of the notches controlling the next parts of the circuit heading inwards. Once all the electricity power nodes are highlighted, head to the yellow section of the switch to confirm it.

Here is a legend showing you what we mean with the terminology we used in the guide.

Freezer Power Solution

  • Move the switch to the first notch and rotate the icons twice. This will run the power to the top-left electricity node to the far right icon.

  • Now move to the second notch, and rotate this twice as well. This will join up with the far right icon which allows the power to flow to that part of the circuit.

  • For the third notch, rotate it three times. This will join up two more of the electricity nodes, leaving you with 3/5.

  • Finally, for the last notch, rotate it three times. This will connect the circuit together and bring power to all the electricity nodes.

All you need to do now is move the switch to the final yellow notch, and confirm it to unlock the door. Once the door opens, pick up the LE 5 Submachine Gun which is sitting on the drawers opposite the door.

(1 of 6) Rotate the first notch twice.

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