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Resident Evil 4 Remake

All Speedrunning Chapter Skips for the Sprinter Achievement in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Matt Chard

Resident Evil 4 Remake has some challenges, and trophies/achievements to finish the game in under a specific number of hours. This means you’ll need to play optimally or take some well-hidden shortcuts or skips to cut your playtime down dramatically. Read below to find out what parts of Chapters you can skip, and where they can be found.

Chapter 1 Village Fight Skip

The first skip of the game can be done as soon as you enter the Village for the first time. Usually, you would have to survive an assault from the villagers, including the chainsaw-wielding villager. What you want to do is run past the pyre, and the nearby villagers, jump over the small brown fence and head into the room on your left (the house with the W-870 Shotgun). This will trigger the cutscene where you’ll need to survive the assault.

Run up the stairs, and jump out of the window to your right and walk across to the rooftop to your right. Here, you’ll want to aim at the clock tower in the distance to the southeast. This can be difficult to spot at first, but if you aim at the top of the house with the two braziers outside, and move to the right slightly, you’ll see the clock tower obscured by a tree. If you aim at the “brighter” portion of the clock tower, you can hit the bell which will trigger the villagers to retreat to the church. Doing this trick is best done in New Game+ as you’ll have access to the rifle, and scope. According to online sources, this can be done with a handgun, but we can’t confirm it.

From the balcony, aim at the brighter spot of the clock tower, and pepper it with a few shots to hit the bell.

Chapter 1 Farm Skip

When you enter the Farm area of Chapter 1, you have to unlock a large metal gate to proceed. To do this you need to retrieve the Wooden Cog from the barn, and place it in the mechanism in the building next to the gate, on the upper floor. This allows you to pull the lever to open the gate to continue with your journey. Normally, this would trigger a farm-wide hunt for you from the villagers, and the large Bull-Head brute.

Fortunately, with a bit of know-how, you can skip all of this, and all it takes is a well-placed shot, or a grenade. After the save point, head to the right where you’ll see a villager near the barn. Take out the villager, and stand next to the right side of the small shed next to the haystack. If you aim your handgun just above the window ledge, and to the left a little from the right side of the window to hit the door handle. It is pretty dark in there, and if you have trouble finding it, you can go into photo mode, raise the brightness, and even zoom in to find what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve shot the door handle, head to the right of the barn and go through the door. Pick up the Wooden Cog from the table in front of you then go up the ladder above the door you just shot. At the top of the barn, jump out of the window to the left, and follow the walkway into the tower with the lever, and cog mechanism puzzle. Place the cog, pull the lever, and the gate will open. Head back the way you came, drop off the walkway to the left, and run through the gate you just opened. Take that Bull-Head!

(1 of 2) Shoot the door handle of the back door on the barn.

Shoot the door handle of the back door on the barn. (left), Use photo mode if you have trouble seeing it. (right)

Chapter 6 - How to Skip the Two Chainsaw Enemies

As you progress through chapter 6, you’ll need to find a Crank. When you pick up the crank, you’ll be ambushed by two Chainsaw villagers who’ll come busting through the wall where the crank was. Normally, you’d have to fight them as well as some villagers after the short scene. But, if you come prepared, you can skip this fight, and all you need to do is have a leveled-up Bolt Thrower. Who knew this weapon could be useful, huh? Whip out the Bolt Thrower, and switch to the mines. Place at least four mines in proximity to the top left corner of the drawers near the crank. When the Chainsaw bros come through the wall, they’ll be met with an explosive surprise! If you’ve leveled up the Bolt Thrower as suggested it will outright kill both of them.

To get into the room, you’d normally have to make your way around as the gate is locked. But if you have a grenade on you, which you could’ve picked up earlier in the area, you can throw it over the fence to destroy the lock on the gate. Aim the grenade in-between the fence panels at the top, and the throwing line should touch the gate. Note: Doing this will alert nearby villagers.

(1 of 2) Throw a grenade over the fence to break the lock of the gate.

Throw a grenade over the fence to break the lock of the gate. (left), Attach mines from your upgraded Bolt Thrower then interact with the crank. (right)

Chapter 7 - Cannon Shortcut Skip

This doesn’t offer too much, but it will save you a little time. In the Castle Gate catapult area, you would normally have to drop below the cannon to shoot the counterweight. Instead, shoot through the metal grating as you climb the stairs before the catapult scene, and it saves you from having to drop. This means you can run straight to the cannon, and shoot the gate without having to bother with all the other parts of the area.

While walking up the stairs, peek through the metal grating to shoot the counterweight.

Chapter 8 - Sun and Moon Puzzle Skip

Progress through the area until you need to shoot the counterweight to lower the drawbridge. This is the area with crossbow enemies on top of the rampart shooting at you while you get ambushed by shield enemies. When you enter the next area, you would normally have to do the Sun and Moon Switch puzzle to get through the area.

Instead, pull the switch straight in front of you, and head up the ladder. Walk towards the closed gate, pull out a grenade and aim it through the gate, so it lands in between the gate and the brazier. Deal with the enemies in the next room, and walk up to the next gate. You can do the same trick here, but you’ll need to aim the grenade at the fence post, to the left of the brazier.

(1 of 2) On the first gate, aim the grenade to land in front of the brazier.

On the first gate, aim the grenade to land in front of the brazier. (left), For the second gate, aim the grenade in between the brazier and fence post. (right)

Chapter 9 - Goat Head Gallery Skip

During Chapter 9, you’ll need to get three heads to progress through a door. One of these heads, the Goat Head to be precise can be found in the Gallery. When you walk across the bridge towards the Goat Head, a Crimson Summoner will lower the bridge where you’ll need to face multiple enemies. This can be skipped by bringing a Rocket Launcher.

As you approach the halfway part of the bridge, an enemy will run to the lever. As this goes into a short scene, you normally wouldn’t be able to shoot them before the lever gets pulled. This is where the Rocket Launcher comes in.

Walk onto the bridge, and equip the Rocket Launcher. Ready it while walking across the bridge, as you reach the second pillar on the right, let loose a rocket just above the lever. You’ll get a short scene as the enemy runs towards the lever, but the rock will still travel while the scene is playing, and take them out. Now you can run across the bridge to pick up the Goat Head.

(1 of 2) Aim the Rocket Launcher just above the lever, and shoot just as you’re past the second pillar (to your right).

Aim the Rocket Launcher just above the lever, and shoot just as you’re past the second pillar (to your right). (left), The rocket will continue to fly forward while you get the short cutscene, stopping the enemy from using the lever. (right)

Chapter 9 - How to Skip Ashley Section

As you progress through Chapter 9, you’ll have to take control of Ashley. Proceed until you reach the library area. Enter the room, go around the bookcase, and you’ll find a door with a clock on it at the end. Head over to the door, and change the clock hands to the following: Assisted/Standard - 11:04, or 7:00 for Professional. Follow the stairs behind the door, down, and use the elevator. This skips a large portion of Ashley’s section.

Chapter 11 - Mines Dynamite Skip

During Chapter 11, you’ll need to gather some dynamites to destroy a boulder blocking your way into the mines. But, why use dynamite when you can use a Rocket Launcher? Purchase the Rocket Launcher from the Merchant, and aim at the boulder that requires the dynamite. Fire a rocket at it, and watch it dissipate.

Chapter 12 - Clock Tower Salazar Statue Skip

About halfway up the clock tower, you can see a huge statue of Salazar. If you look at the back of its head, there is a canister you can shoot which will destroy it.

Chapter 14 - Wrecking Ball Skip

During Chapter 14, Ashley will get into the yellow crane to destroy the wall. Well, you can quicken the process by throwing grenades at it. Walk over to the stationary wrecking ball, and you’ll see a slight crack in the wall opposite it. Throw five grenades at this crack, and then watch Ashley swing the Wrecking Ball at it almost immediately, allowing you to run through the gap, skipping half of the section.

Chapter 15 - AA Gun Turret Skip

In Chapter 15, you’ll reach a section where poor old Mike in the helicopter will get fired upon by an AA Gun. Normally you’d have to make your way around while fighting numerous enemies to shut it down. Fortunately, a few well-placed grenades at the AA gun will destroy it, allowing you to use the turret to bust open the double doors.

Stand a bit further back from the platform above the door, aim your grenade so that the aiming line appears to be hitting the AA gun, then release. This will take two-three grenades depending on your aim.

How to Unlock the Sprinter Trophy

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Complete the main story within 8 hours.

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The Sprinter trophy/achievement requires you to complete the game in under eight hours. This can be a difficult task due to Resident Evil 4 Remake being 16 Chapters long. By using a combination of the tips listed above, and skipping the cutscenes, you should be able to do it with time to spare.

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