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Resident Evil 4 Remake

RE4 Remake Viper Hunter Request

Scott Peers

The Viper Hunter request can be obtained during Chapter 3 of the main story for the Resident Evil 4 Remake. You’ll find it near the Merchant located on the other side of the town hall / church in the village. We’ll show you where to find three vipers so that you can sell them to him in return for the reward of 4 Spinel.

How to Complete the Viper Hunter Request in Chapter 3 of RE4 Remake

As mentioned above, this request can be obtained after interacting with the blue note on the wall near the Merchant. You’ll encounter the Merchant in two locations during this chapter, so be sure that you get the note from the first location and not the second. The first location is just after you reach the other side of the town hall / church in the village.

Where to Find Vipers to Sell to the Merchant

You probably haven’t encountered many vipers in the game at this point in the story, but there’s actually one in the town hall / church that you just came through to reach the merchant. If you destroyed the yellow marked box in there you’ll already know this, since it jumps out to attack you. It will still be there if you go back, so be sure to kill this one in whatever way you see fit (a knife works just as well as a gun), loot it and then be on your way. You won’t find another viper for a while yet, but there are more along the path and plenty in the Fish Farm which you’ll soon encounter.

Find Vipers in the Fish Farm

You can actually find at least one more viper along the path before you reach the fish farm, located in a box in the small building along the bridge path to the mines. Don’t worry if you’ve missed this, however, there are plenty in the fish farm itself. To reach it, you need to continue along the path from the Merchant’s Hideout (where you first encounter the Shooting Range). This will inevitably lead to the fish farm since you’ll need to get some boat fuel from a building at the back of it to progress through the story.

The fish farm is infested with vipers, so you’ll have no trouble finding them there. However, it’s also infested with villagers, including some which throw molotovs, and also a Bull Head Brute, like the one you encountered in the barn on the farm during chapter 1. You can kill this easily using a high-powered gun such as the shotgun or rifle, or you can kite it towards one of the explosive barrels and then shoot the barrel once it’s close enough to inflict massive damage. Either way, you’ll need to clear most of this area of enemies if you want to explore it in peace.

(1 of 5) You’ll find one viper in the town hall / church.

Once you’ve killed and looted three vipers, you can return to the Merchant in his hideout or just wait until you encounter him again later in the story to hand in the vipers and complete the request.

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