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Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Survive the House Attack in Chapter 5 - RE4 Remake

Scott Peers

The end of Chapter 5 in the Resident Evil 4 Remake will see you enter a house where the mysterious Luis Sera has taken refuge. You’ll be arriving with a party of villagers, but he’s willing to help you fend them off. You’ll need to stand your ground here and survive a brutal attack from various villagers, including a Bull Head Brute. We’ll show you how to kill it and escape the house on this page.

Stand Your Ground - How to Survive the House Attack in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Stand Your Ground, Chapter 5 of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Cover the Windows With Wooden Planks

As you regain control of Leon inside the house, the first thing you should do is take the Wooden Planks from the table and board up the windows on the ground floor. You can do this by interacting with the window when you’re standing next to it, but you need to have some Wooden Planks in your inventory for this to work. After boarding up the window you can rest assured that it’ll hold for quite some time, so you can focus on the other entry points - mainly two other windows on the ground floor for now - until you acquire more Wooden Planks.

You can loot more Wooden Planks from the corpses of villagers that you kill so be sure to loot every one that you kill for the chance to find some. As soon as you get them, board up the nearest window after clearing the area of villagers. The idea is to survive here, not necessarily kill as many as you can.

Use Flash Grenades Against Tentacle Villagers

Once you’ve boarded up some windows you can focus on killing the villagers as they enter the house. Aim for headshots to stagger them quickly, then finish them off with a melee attack. If you pull off a melee attack near a group of villagers, you’ll be able to knock multiple enemies down at once. However, keep in mind that killing some of these villagers won’t always be the end of them. Some of them will get back up with tentacles for heads, something which only happens at night for these villagers. You’ll need to shoot them in the head multiple times until they finally die. Alternatively, flash grenades are extremely effective against these enemies, so be sure to use them if you’re overwhelmed.

There will be a lot of close range fights with villagers here, given the nature of the space that you’re confined to. You’ll want to make good use of your knife for this reason, and be ready to parry any attacks from villagers with melee weapons if they get too close. Remember that you won’t be able to parry attacks from unarmed villagers, so if you let them attack you, you’ll be stuck in a grapple until you get out of it via the QTE (Quick Time Event), which requires you to smash the interact button repeatedly (F-Key by default on keyboard).

If you find yourself running low on ammunition, stay close to Luis. He will detect this and he’ll offer you more ammo if you’re desperately in need of it. It’s important that you don’t stay too close to Luis, however, since you don’t want to attract all the villagers to one small area in the house. You should also keep in mind that you’ll sometimes need to free Luis from the grasp of villagers who have caught him, by shooting the villager anywhere on their body.

How to Kill the Bull Head Brute in the House

After killing enough regular villagers, a brief cutscene will play during which a villager raises a ladder to the upper levels of the house. At this point you’ll need to run upstairs and attempt to kick it down as often as you see it, but there will be other parts of the house where more ladders are raised, so keep moving to check all the points. If you have any spare planks, cover the windows with these and keep focusing on killing the villagers as you run from downstairs to upstairs. You can effectively kite them if you jump downstairs from the point where the bannister is broken upstairs, or you can usually run past them on the stairs if you’re quick enough, or if you stagger the villagers there first.

The Bull Head Brute will soon turn up after the transition upstairs, and it won’t be long before he’s inside the house. It’s important that you keep moving at this point, and make use of your shotgun if you have any ammo for it. You’ll need to kill the brute to end the attack and trigger an escape cutscene, so focus on damaging it while you ignore the villagers as much as possible. Use your most powerful weapons such as the shotgun or rifle, but also make use of hand grenades to kill groups of enemies and inflict some damage to the brute in the process. You should be able to dodge his attacks by crouching just in time, but you can only do this if there are no villagers nearby at the same time, since they’re likely to grab you.

(1 of 5) Loot the Wooden Planks at the start and cover a window with them.

As mentioned above, if in doubt the most important thing here is to keep moving as you aim to pull off as many hits on the brute as possible. This will be much easier if you’ve upgraded some of your weapons to empower them, but ultimately you can always get more ammo by going back to Luis briefly. It shouldn’t take too many hits with the shotgun or rifle to kill the brute, and once he’s dead the house attack will be over.

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