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Resident Evil 4 Remake

All Treasures in Chapter 1 of RE4 Remake

Ben Chard

There was always a lot to see and do in Resident Evil 4, and with Resident Evil 4 Remake, there’s even more. Treasures plays a big part in helping you afford all the expensive upgrades and weapons and on top of that, there’s a Trophy/Achievement for getting all of them. This page will detail where you can find all of the Treasures in Chapter 1.

There are five exclusive Treasures that you can collect during Chapter 1, and although you can return later (so long as you have access to the village area) to pick them up, it’s always suggested to grab them as soon as possible. Not only will it give you access to the money they provide you with right away, but there are also certain locations that become unavailable as you progress during Resident Evil 4 Remake. For this reason alone, seek these out as you go through each Chapter.

Treasure #1 - Velvet Blue

(1 of 2) Go to the top floor of the shotgun house in the village square

Go to the top floor of the shotgun house in the village square (left), and climb out to the roof to find the Velvet Blue. (right)

The first of two Treasures that can be found during the village square sequence. It’s a good idea to wait until it ends, and the area is vacated of crazy villagers, giving you time to explore in peace. Once you’re ready, return to the house with the Shotgun and leap outside the window to find yourself on the roof. Head to the other side of the roof (close to where you can find the pyre in the center) and you’ll find the Velvet Blue in the corner.

Treasure #2 - Ruby

(1 of 2) Check the northern shack near the eastern exit of the village square

Check the northern shack near the eastern exit of the village square (left), to find a Ruby in a box. (right)

The second of two Treasures found during the village square sequence. As above, wait until the encounter plays out first so you can more easily explore this area without the threat of enemies. Head towards the northeast exit of the village square and go into the last house on your left (when approaching the exit), the Ruby can be found in a box here.

Treasure #3 - Pearl Pendant

(1 of 3) Head to the west of the farm

As you go beyond the village square, you’ll find yourself in the farm area. Head over to the west side with the animals and you’ll spot a windmill above a pool of dirty water. If you look carefully, you’ll see the Pearl Pendant on one of the blades but make sure you wait until it’s not directly over the water before you shoot it off to keep it in pristine condition. Should it drop in the water, it will be worth less.

Treasure #4 - Flagon

(1 of 3) Go up the large windmill on the farm

Still in the farm area, make your way over to the large windmill to the northeast and climb the ladder inside. At the top, turn to your left and go outside the door to reach a balcony, then drop off below to find a chest containing the Flagon.

Treasure #5 - Ruby

(1 of 2) Head to the ground floor of the large barn

Head to the ground floor of the large barn (left), and open this drawer to find the Ruby. (right)

The final Treasure in Chapter 1 is also found in the farm area. Once you find your way into the large barn by heading through the window accessed by the large windmill. Once you’ve dealt with the enemies inside, open the drawer in the corner on the ground floor to find the Ruby.

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