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Resident Evil 4 Remake

Lithograph Puzzle Guide in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Matt Chard

After the Wine Cellar room during Chapter 8 of Resident Evil 4 Remake you’ll end up in the Bindery room which will give you a cutscene with a familiar character. When the scene ends, you’ll need to solve a puzzle involving Lithographs to exit the room. At first, this puzzle may not make much sense, and can be difficult to get the right combination. Read below to find out how to solve the Lithograph puzzle.

How to Complete the Lithograph Puzzle

When you interact with the door, you’ll notice that it’s missing three of the Lithographs. Fortunately, all of these can be found within the same room which means no backtracking!

All of these can be found inside the Bindery Room.

Lithographic Stone B Location

The first Lithographic Stone can be found on the bookshelf to the left of the Lithograph door.

Lithographic Stone B is in the bookcase to the left of the Lithographic door.

Lithographic Stone C Location

The second Lithographic Stone is on the small cabinet to the left of the door you entered from.

Lithographic Stone C is on the small cabinet near the entryway.

Lithograph D Location

Finally, the last Lithographic Stone that you need can be found inside a hanging glass cabinet opposite the Lithograph door. You’ll need to break the glass first to acquire it.

Lithographic Stone D is in the cabinet opposite the Lithograph door.

Lithograph Door Solution

Now that you have all three stones you place them into the door, but now you’ll need to put them in their correct position. If you look at each stone, they have an icon in the middle with a shape around the outside of it. On the door, you’ll also have icons and shapes, but some of these have faded. Here is what can be found on the door:

  • Top Icon - Shield Icon with a square shape around it.
  • Left Icon - Helmet Icon with a faded hexagon (looks like a faded square) shape around it.
  • Bottom Icon - Faded Icon with a hexagon shape.
  • Right Icon - Faded Icon with a faded square shape.

Each Lithographic Stone has two icons on them and can be flipped by pressing either DualSense-L1 or DualSense-R1 (Xbox-BumperLeft / Xbox-BumperRight). Place all the stones into the empty slots, and then match the icons and shapes on the stones with the images on the door. Here is the correct order:

  • Top Slot - Shield Icon with square shape.
  • Left Slot - Helmet Icon with hexagon shape.
  • Bottom Slot - Armor Icon with hexagon shape
  • Right Slot - Sword Icon with square shape.

Here is an image of the solution to the Lithograph door puzzle.

Once you’ve placed all the Lithographic Stones correctly, the door will open allowing you to progress with the game.

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