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Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Kill the Twin Garradors in Chapter 10 - RE4 Remake

Scott Peers

The Twin / Double Garrador fight occurs towards the end of Chapter 10 in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. This can be a tough fight if you’re not prepared for what’s to come, but you can make good use of some items in the room to make it easier if necessary. You will also have another chance to complete the Never Heard It Coming trophy here, so be prepared to only use your knives to kill one of the Garradors if you want to do that.

The Twin Garradors, Chapter 10, Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How to kill the Mutant Plaga on the Double Garradors

You can fight the two Garradors just by running around the room if you wish, and it’s a good idea to keep moving in general since there are plenty of zealots in the room who, unlike the Garradors, know exactly where you are since they can see you. You’ll inevitably need to kill these, and when you do you’ll make some noise, which will alert the Garradors to your presence. The Garradors will charge you at alarming speed as soon as they hear a whiff of sound coming from your direction, so be ready to evade their attacks by running around them.

Shoot the Plaga and Use Flash Grenades

There’s plenty of space to kite both Garradors and zealots in this room, but you don’t want to get trapped into a corner, or in the more narrow corridors at the edges of the room, so don’t stay there too long. You should be able to kill most of the zealots with a single headshot if you use a powerful enough gun such as the SR M1903 Rifle, or just an upgraded handgun. Do this first if you wish, but be aware that more zealots will spawn for as long as the Garradors are alive, so you can’t avoid them forever.

If you can maneuver behind a Garrador to shoot the plaga mutant on their back, you should do this as often as possible. This is the only way to kill them, and as soon as you expose the mutant it will become vulnerable to light attacks. You can actually kill the Garrador incredibly quickly if you throw a flash grenade at them after exposing the mutant, but the grenade will only kill them if they’re stunned when you throw it, so don’t expect this to work if they’re charing at you.

Use the Golden Bells to Attract the Garrador

If you’d rather not rely on using flash grenades to kill the plaga mutants on the backs of the Garrador, you can make use of the golden bells in the corner of the room. If a Garrador is nearby, all you need to do is shoot the bell to make it ring, at which point the Garrador will charge in the direction of the bell, exposing its back to you. This is the perfect time to shoot at the plaga mutant, but you’ll only have a brief period of time before it turns around and charges you again, so you may need to do this multiple times to eventually kill the Garrador. Your main concern will be evading one while you shoot the other, so make sure that you’re not in a vulnerable position before attempting this.

The above two methods are essentially the most reliable for killing the Garrador quickly, but you can also just keep shooting the mutant plaga on their backs, as mentioned. Once you’ve killed both, you can loot their bodies for the Unicorn Horns which can be used to open the large doors ahead.

(1 of 3) You can kill most of the zealots with a single shot to the head.

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