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Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide Roadmap

Shane Williams

There are 40 trophies / achievements to be obtained for the Resident Evil 4 Remake, with 35 Bronze, 10 Silver, 4 Gold and 1 Platinum. This roadmap trophy guide will take you through how to get each of them efficiently as you play through the game.

There are 40 Trophies required for the Platinum.

Step 1 - Normal Playthrough, Collectibles and Chapter Specific Trophies

Your first objective in obtaining the Platinum is going through the Main Story on the Normal Difficulty whilst completing all the requests, finding all Collectibles and working towards the chapter specific trophies, such as Overkill which requires you to shoot a zealot with a cannon during Chapter 7. There are 19 Requests to complete throughout the game and you can find a full list here: All Requests in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Completing these will give you the trophy Jack of All Trades.

As you’re working your way through the Village, Castle and Island you’ll want to make sure you search every available room, so you don’t miss any collectibles. There are 180 in the game that’ll you need to find for the following three trophies: Bandit, Burglar and Raider. If you’re struggling to find them, then check out our guides for the Treasure Locations in each chapter. Additionally, you’re going to want find all the Clockwork Castellons for the Revolution Wind-upRevolution Wind-up trophy.

Throughout your first playthrough of Resident Evil 4 Remake you’ll want to make sure you’re favorite weapons, increasing your overall health with Green+Yellow Herbs. Finally, on your first playthrough you’ll want to work towards earning all Chapter Specific Trophies which are the following: Minimalist, Frugalist, Never Heard It Coming, Capacity Compliance and You Talk Too Much!. Below you’ll find walkthroughs on how to get all of these trophies:

Name Description
Never Heard It Coming Defeat a Garrador using only knives.
Capacity Compliance Reach the top of the clock tower without the lift stopping once.
You Talk Too Much Throw a grenade into Ramón Salazar’s mouth.
Hope You Like Thrill Rides! Make it through both minecart sections in the underground tunnel without taking any damage.
Smooth Escape Escape on the water scooter without taking any damage.

Step 2 - New Game+ Assisted Playthrough With Only Handguns and Knives

You’ll now want to begin an assisted New Game Plus playthrough whilst only using Pistols/Knives for the Minimalist, so you’ll want to sell all of your other weapons so you can upgrade the best ones. If you need helping choosing the best Pistol for this playthrough, then check out this page: RE4 Remake Best Handgun. As for the Knife you’ll want to use the Primal Knife which you would’ve got for finding all Clockwork Castellans on your first playthrough, as it’s indestructible. If you need extra guidance on getting through the game with only a pistol/knife, then check our tips here: Minimalist Trophy in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Additionally, you’ll want to sell all healing items and avoid using them for the entire playthrough for the Frugalist Trophy. This will be slightly easier on assisted, as your health will automatically recover over time. If you need extra guidance on how to do this, then check our tips here: Frugalist Trophy in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Finally, you’ll want to purchase the Infinite Rocket Launcher for 2,000,000 Pesetas before wrapping up this page, as this will make the Professional NG+ Playthrough a lot easier. However, it’s super expensive, so as long as you’ve sold all of your other weapons, healing items and combined the treasures with the correct gems to get the maximum value out of them, then you should have enough by the end of the game.

Step 3 - New Game+ Professional Playthrough, No Merchant

Once you’ve finished the Assisted NG+ With Only Handguns and Knives Playthrough you’ll want to boot up another playthrough, but this time on Professional which the hardest difficulty the game offers. However, you’ll also want to avoid talking to the Merchant for the Silent Stranger Trophy and you’ll want to try and beat the game within 8 hours for the Sprinter Trophy. In order to beat the game within 8 hours you’ll want to skip cutscenes and make use of chapter skips which can be found here: All Speedrunning Chapter Skips for the Sprinter Achievement in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Step 4 - Professional Playthrough

Once you’ve beat the game you’ll now want to start a fresh fourth playthrough on Professional, as this will reward you with the Handcannon upon completion which will bag the Gun Fanatic Trophy. However as mentioned above this is the hardest difficulty in the game and now you have no upgraded weapons or Rocket Launcher which means this will be a lot tougher. Thankfully, you should have already got most of the trophies, so you can simply take your time and concentrate.

There are some things you can do to help make this playthrough slightly easier, such as giving Leon the Gas Mask, so you can enable Aim Assist. Additionally, you’ll want to give Ashley her armor, so she won’t be downed as easily, meaning you can focus on yourself rather than reviving her all the time. Finally, make sure you regularly save and take your time through each section to prevent tackling multiple enemies.

Step 5 - S-Rank Standard and Hardcore Playthroughs

You’ll now need to do two more full playthroughs,one on Standard and another on Hardcore. Additionally, you’ll need to get S-Rank on each for the for the Mission Accomplished S+ and S+ Rank Investigator Trophies. Unfortunately, this has to be on a fresh playthrough so you’ll miss out on the upgraded weapons, but you can use the Primal Knife, Chicago Sweep and Handcannon Bonus Weapons. Additionally, give Leon the Gas Mask and Ashley her amour like you did in the previous playthrough.

In order to bag an S-Rank you’ll need to beat the game within 5 hours, so beeline your way through the early portions of the game by only focusing on the main objective and making use of chapter skips, then work on fully upgrading the Chicago Sweeper to give it unlimited ammo. Use the Chicago Sweeper against large groups of enemies, use the Primal Knife to parry any enemies in close combat and use the Handcannon against the bosses. Finally, reguarly save and reload the save if you die.

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