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Resident Evil 4 Remake

Treasury Sword Puzzle Guide - Resident Evil 4 Remake

Matt Chard

As you progress through the castle during Chapter 7 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’ll end up in a Treasury room. In this room, you will have to solve a puzzle involving four different swords which need to be placed in the four different stone portraits on the wall. Read below to find out how to complete the Treasury Sword Puzzle.

How to complete the Treasury Sword Puzzle

First things first, walk up to each portrait and collect all the swords. The Bloodied Sword will be missing and can be found behind the treasury gate puzzle which you can read below to find out the solution. When you have all the swords, place them in the following order:

  • First Portrait - Iron Sword

  • Second Portrait - Golden Sword

  • Third Portrait - Bloodied Sword (Behind Gate Puzzle)

  • Fourth Portrait - Rusted Sword

(1 of 4) Place the Iron Sword in the First Stone Portrait.

Completing this puzzle allows you to continue the story. If you are curious about how to solve the puzzle. It’s all in the portraits. The first portrait depicts a Knight holding the hilt of his sword. There’s nothing special about this portrait hence the Iron Sword. In the second portrait, a Knight clad in golden armor is getting knighted by the king. Due to knighting normally being done with a ceremonial sword, and the knight wearing golden armor, it makes sense that the golden sword would go here.

The third portrait portrays a knight being stabbed with a sword. As the Bloodied Sword is the only sword with blood on it, it makes complete sense that it would go here. Finally, the fourth portrait depicts a sword next to a gravestone. Deducing this means that the sword was placed next to the knight’s grave when he died, and has been here a long time. This means that the sword would’ve been weathered over time hence the Rusted Sword.

How to Complete the Treasury Gate Puzzle

On the gate, you’ll see three symbols, the Eagle, the Stag, and the Snake.

To get the Bloodied Sword, you’ll need to complete the gate puzzle in the same room. If you look at the symbol on the door, you’ll see an Eagle, a Stag, and a Snake. If you look through the gate, you’ll see three symbols to shoot, but the one on the left is a Seahorse which isn’t on the gate, so you can ignore this. You want to pull the chain to the left of the gate for the Stag, then shoot the Eagle, and Snake on the right side of the room. This will unlock the gate allowing you to pick up the final sword.

(1 of 4) Pull the chain next to the gate for the Stag symbol.

Puzzle Solution Video

If you would prefer a video for the puzzle, you can watch that below.

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