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Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Ashura Woman 27 No Human Dark
Babylonia Horde 31 No Horde N/A
Baphomet 26 Yes Vile Light
Chupacabra 21 Yes Food Electric
Dantalian 32 Yes Fallen Electric
Halphas 26 Yes Fallen Gun, Force
Mandrake 22 Yes Wood Fire
Momunofu 25 Yes Brute Force
Okiku-Mushi 29 Yes Vermin Ice, Force, Light
Orias 26 Yes Fallen Ice
Samyaza 32 Yes Tyrant Force

Something tells us this won’t be a stroll in the park… Have your best equipment and demons at the ready!

Once done at the Monastery, return to Shinjuku via the Terminals. Prep and heal up there and return to the overworld map. Go just a little west, south, east, and north to the National Park.

Pond Garden

This area is pretty much a circular path around a circular pond, more or less. Go clockwise around the circle for a while, slaying monsters as you go. A dead corpse you find will yield a Revival Bead , with a Balm of Rising further ahead.

Approach the fire barrier nearby and use the Hexagram Rosary on it to remove the barrier. Continue on and around the pond. You’ll find a Nerve Gas in a corpse, some wormwood to break down further ahead, then a Summon Stone .

Head back to the southern end of the lake and use the eastbound path from the open area to reach a chest with a Chakra Pot within. Continue along it, then south when first possible. You’ll be blocked by an Ashura-kai watchguard. Insist on entering and you’ll fight his bodyguard.

Boss: Balor

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
31 Tyrant N/A Force, Light Fire, Dark

After the battle, go on to the next area.

Kagome Tower: Lower Level

Upon your arrival, head east to find a useful 10-Point Card . Then simply head west along the linear path. You’ll find a 2-Star Jewelry along the way. A little to the northeast of there, you can enter a room where a strong demon is supposed to reside.

Boss: Murmur

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
33 Fallen Fire, Ice Force, Light Light, Dark, Electric (Repel), Force (Repel)

After the battle, the man in the birdcage will be rescued, but he cannot give his name, as the mask on his face is spellbound to give him amnesia. Jonathan will leave to take the man to Sister Gabby. Meanwhile, outside, go along the path, snatch up the 2-Star Jewelry , and continue through the doorway.

Kagome Tower: Upper Level

Continue along the ever-linear path for a while. At the top of the second staircase, snatch up the 3-Star Jewelry . Further west, along the south wall, you’ll find another room with a boss within.

Boss: Gemori

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
33 Fallen Ice N/A Light, Dark, Fire (Drain)

After that battle, Walter will be the one to rescue the masked man, leaving just you and Isabeau. Ooh la la~! Well, anyways, continue along the path after the battle, grab the 2-Star Jewelry from the path’s conclusion, and enter the room nearby. Heal fully and save before doing so!

Boss: Asmodeus

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
33 Tyrant Force N/A Gun, Dark, Fire (Drain)

After the battle, backtrack your way out of the National Park, to Shinjuku, then head to the Mikado Terminal. There, you’ll witness the end to this mission and the gaining of 4,000 Macca and something like 22,000 EXP. Additionally, completing this quest raises your alignment value by ten points, towards Law.

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