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Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Centaur 1 Yes Yoma Electric
Chagrin 6 Yes Wilder Electric
Fuxi 1 Yes Raptor Gun
Gryphon 3 Yes Beast Gun
Lham Dearg 1 Yes Jaki Ice
Mokoi 2 Yes Night Force
Napaea 2 Yes Fairy Ice
Slime 2 Yes Foul Physical, Ice, Fire, Electric, Force, Light

First Stratum

Inside dungeons (and other locations) you’ll encounter demons by bumping into them.

When you enter the dungeon, go forward and look to the left to see a sign. Read it, then turn around and proceed down the staircase. Feel free to read the signs at the bottom, then go approach the doorway. Suddenly, a light appears on the Gauntlet - Burroughs, an AI designed for aiding you, primarily through navigation.

Hope then calls, noting that he’s looking at you through Burroughs. Seeing as all of you are in Naraku, your first training exercise is explained.

Obviously, it’s a combat training exercise. You need to beat any demon within Naraku. After Hope closes the connection, you can opt to learn about the “Menu” interface, found with the Y Button.

Through the “Burroughs” option there, you can save and load data. I recommend doing so frequently. Go through the door when you’re ready.

Go forward and you will see a pixellated thing nearby. Approach and Burroughs will notify you that it is a demon. To enter battle with it, touch it - or, like in Paper Mario, attack it with the X Button to get an extra strike in. (Bosses and such usually prevent this.)

So, anyways, attack the demon - note that it will give chase if it sees you, so be careful on the timing.

During battle, you’ll want to look in the top-right - the number of icons there shows how many times you can act this turn. For now, simply press the A Button to attack on your turns. The Slime is the optimal first target due to its lower HP and weakness to physical attacks.

Note that hitting a weakness will allow one extra attack at times. (Weaknesses extend beyond physical attacks to elements and such.) Additionally, missing an attack or having one nullified will use more Press Turns than usual.

After the battle, you’ll likely level up. In that case, it’s time to explain what happens. Akin to the bonus round of the Mario & Luigi RPGs, you can distribute bonus stat points as you see fit to boost stats in your own unique manner. There are five stats:

  • Strength (St): Makes Attacks and Physical/Gun-elemental attacks stronger
  • Dexterity/Technique (Dx): Makes Physical and Gun attacks stronger
  • Magic (Ma): Makes magical attacks stronger
  • Agility (Ag): Raises hit rates and evasion rate, allows more escapes, and affects turn order
  • Luck (Lu): Raises critical-hit rate and status ailment recovery speed
    Personally, this is how I tend to distribute them: basically try to equalize everything, or favor the Strength, Dexterity, and Magic stats. It’s your choice either way, but that’s just me. You’ll get five points to distribute.

The first person view often tends to throw players for a loop, but if you’ve ever played a turn-based RPG before then you should be fine here.

You’ve also earned 10 App Points. These are gained upon leveling up and can be used to enhance Burrough’s abilities by unlocking features. They can be purchased in the menu.

Now Hope will call, notifying you that the quest has been completed, which nets you a nice 150 Macca. Of course, there will be another - how to recruit demons. For this, any three demons must be recruited. You’ll need the Scout app for this - it allows you to talk with demons in battle and try to convert them to your side.

More on that later. For now, you’ll notice two doors nearby; one to the left and one to the right. If you go through the latter, you can speak with some NPCs; the other is locked. So, for now, simply stay in the area nearby and try to find a demon to battle - they spawn randomly.

In the battle, you should “Talk”, then “Scout” to try to get them to your side. Before they’ll join, they will often ask questions and make demands, so tread carefully; honesty seems to be the best policy from what I’ve done. (Although the Napaea and Gryphon really liked me rejecting her.)

Demons that join your side are basically extra yous to attack with in battle - however, only Flynn can do the recruiting. Luckily, you can use the “Next” command to give that unit’s turn up to another unit.

After the recruitments are finished, Hope gives you your third task - learning the basics of exploring labyrinths. He has hidden some item deep in the Naraku - you need to go grab it. This is also a competition between the others - whoever grabs it first will end the exercise.

Only in Shin Megami Tensei can you seduce… ahem, negotiate with demons to make them join your side.

You also have to return to the Aquila Statue Plaza with it. Burroughs recommends grabbing the Mapper App, which allows you to see a map on the Touch Screen. Go ahead and buy it.

Let’s see… If you head north from this area and along the west wall, you can enter a room with some NPCs in it, including Walter and Navarre. To the east, as it turns north, you’ll be notified of something on the eastern wall. Look down (Down on the D-Pad) and press the A Button to find a hidden path.

Follow it a bit and look up at the ledge to climb, then continue on. At its end is a pile of something containing a relic: Deep Green Moss . Backtrack to the main hall now.

Not much further north, along the east wall, you’ll find another room with NPCs, this one including Jonathan. Further west, you’ll find a fork in the path. For now, head to the west. You’ll see some hole in the floor, so go down.

Second Stratum

Nearby is a pile of stuff containing a Deep Green Moss . Continue south and down the ledge, then go through the door nearby. Here, along the eastern wall, you can find a hole in the lower portion of it to find a path to the other side. There, you’ll find a Deep Green Moss on the ground, but that’s it.

Return into the main room and head to the southeastern corner. There, look up and climb onto the ledge.

Boss: Disaster Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
6 Horde Force, Light N/A Dark

Your mission isn’t over yet; continue onwards and loot the chest at the very end.

After the battle, pick up the nearby item in the chest, the Woman’s Ring . Afterwards, Hope will call, noting this to all. You now are to return to the plaza.

Backtrack to the narrow hall near where you entered. East of the doorway, you’ll find a 1-Star Jewelry relic on the ground. There’s a doorway on the east wall if you continue northward. Inside, you’ll notice a glowing pulsing egg in the wormwood.

Attack it and the door will be unblocked, although nothing is inside. (That sign on the left, though, is more interesting.) To the south are two westbound pathways. Hope will stop you from entering the first; however, the second … well, it just leads back to that blocked area from before, remember? Destroy it nonetheless.

Return north and backtrack along the path back outside - you have a map. I personally recommend grinding just within the walls of the dungeon until you are forced to use non-Skill resources. That should last you until Level 6 or so.

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