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Shin Megami Tensei IV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 02-06-2020 / 21:08 GMT

Shin Megami Tensei IV Guide

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Find the Military Base (Part 1)

Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Ashura Man 16 No Human Dark
Harpy 9 Yes Flight Gun, Electric
Jack the Ripper 9 Yes Foul Fire
Katakirauwa 9 Yes Food Fire, Ice, Electric, Force, Light
Leanan Sidhe 11 Yes Femme Force
Oni 13 Yes Brute N/A
Onmoraki 3 Yes Food Gun, Ice
Preta 12 Yes Ghost Fire, Force, Light
Spirit Horde 16 No Horde N/A

Tokyo Overworld

Sadly, there's little time for sight-seeing, especially in this dark and twisted version of Tokyo.

After passing the mythical Medusa and going into the elevator, we'll find ourselves on the bottom floor. Nearby is a rather cold man and his buddy, who accuse you of being "Hunters". As Walter tries correct things, we get called angels from the ceiling.

I can live with that I suppose, although they think that they're "all gonna diiiiie!". This is a far cry from the Unclean Ones of yore, who were supposed to be monstrous mages.

Outside, we find ourselves in Tokyo, at the bottom of a thorny tower. It's depressing and dark down here... Meanwhile, Hugo calls, sending along some map data. So, first, to learn what kind of place Tokyo is... Anyways, our first quest is to find the base of the Counter-Demon Force.

In the Tokyo overworld map, you can find some treasures. Begin by going to the far south, then far east for a Balm of Rising . If you get on the street north of there and head west, you can find a Bead in the park-like area.

If you head into the ruined area north of the tower, then southeast, you can find a Chakra Pot , as well as a Dx Incense at the north end. For now, head north of the aforementioned park and into the yellow grid. Opt to enter the area, Ueno Station.

Ueno Station

As you enter, Burroughs will detect another Terminal. For now, head west of where you start to find a relic, 1-Star Medicine . If you head north of there, to the garages, you can find another relic, 1-Star Food . Just to the left of there, look up and climb the ladder. At the top, go west to find a 1-Star Leisure relic.

Now head back down and east and north. You should see some wormwood near the stairwell. Break it down and head north and west to the end of the path to find a Lu Incense . Return down stairs, then head further down.

Ueno Station: Underground District

In the Underground District, go along the path to meet with someone. He'll note that there is a Hunter Association - think K's Tavern - in this area before snatching 100 of Walter's Macca. Further north, in the corner, you'll notice a vent if you look up. Ignore it for now, but keep it in mind.

Meanwhile, save and go into the first northbound door. You'll find a domain run by a redneck dude who summons some Tengu.

Boss: Koppa Tengu x2, Karasu Tengu x1

Koppa Tengu

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
14 Yoma Electric Light, Force N/A

Karasu Tengu

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
20 Yoma Electric, Ice N/A Light, Fire (Repel)

Offensively, these enemies don't offer much - their primary move, other than the basic Attack, is Mazan, a party-wide Force-elemental attack. It's pretty weak ... unless you're weak to it. As for you? If you have Mazio or Mazio Stones, you can spam that twice or thrice to finish the fight, pretty much.

Even if you're not done then, you may as well save yourself some MP and just slap around the Karasu Tengu until you're done. You'll get a nice sum of EXP. for winning, too!

After the battle, the Domain will dissipate, revealing another terminal, the aptly named Ueno Terminal. There's not much to do, though, unless you want to restock at B's. This part of Underground District has little else than rooms with NPCs, so simply continue further along by going west then south.

If you south and hit the eastern wall, you'll notice a weapons vendor nearby. Speak to him and say "Erawan" when prompted - type it exactly like that - to enter the Ueno Black Market. There's not much of worth there, weapon-wise. The best weapon is hardly worth the 4 more power over the Tokkosho you may have gotten.

Despite the secrecy, the wares aren't quite as impressive as you might imagine.

Meanwhile the superior bullets are all elemental, which spells bad news if you're a heavy user of the gun, as you may be stuck at points with only something being nullified; and the best gun is only slightly more power than your Bruce Gun. As for armor? You'll find superior items all around!

The next doorway on the east wall reveals some sort of pub with noisy-but-confident Unclean Ones. The bartender begins to speak with you, offering you booze or work. (I'll take the former, please.) Jonathan gets around to the question of what Hunters are - Demon Hunters. Hm. Sounds a lot like Samurai.

In fact, consider this place the Unclean K's Tavern, called a Hunter's Association. You can also fully heal your HP/MP here for 100 Macca. You also get two new quests... See Ueno Quest Cleanup 1 for more on the "Eggs for One Hundred" quest; the other is pretty much walkthrough-coincidal.

Further south, past the interesection on the west wall, you'll find the Ashura-Kai Authorized Shop (Ueno). Stock up on essentials there. Head now to the Ameyoko Way - you can go through the vent in the previous area.

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