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Shin Megami Tensei IV
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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 04-06-2020 / 07:18 GMT

Shin Megami Tensei IV Guide

2 weeks ago · Guide Information

Ginza & Roppongi

The Face of True Evil (Part 2)

Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Arachne 40 Yes Vermin Ice
Gui Xian 42 Yes Snake Fire
Hel 44 Yes Reaper Fire
Hsing-Hsing 43 Yes Beast Force
Kelpie 36 Yes Fairy Force
Ogre 44 Yes Jaki Electric
Silky 42 Yes Fairy Fire
Titan 37 Yes Jirae N/A
Tsuchigumo 30 Yes Jirae Ice


To get to the Florida Cafe, first enter East Entrance Main Street, then continue onto Kabuki-cho.

After all that, I almost forgot my place in the main quest... Anyways, use the Terminal in Ginza or elsewhere to head to Shinjuku. There, to find the Florida cafe, go outside via the passage north of the Association, then go north an area.

There, head to the northeast corner where you'll meet with Walter. Opt to show off the matchbox to enter; since that is your only option, note that that means your alignment is boosted by one point, towards Law .

Within, there's a bit of idle conversation about the old days and how these two dudes - Skins and Fujiwara - know of Mikado. Hm... Anyways, Fujiwara will soon ask whether you think that Mikado and Tokyo could ever coexist.

  • Alignment -1 = I see no reason why not
  • Alignment +5 = It is an impossibility
Afterwards, Fujiwara reveals that he asked so because he - and others, soon - will want to emigrate to Mikado. As for "when" this "soon" is, Hikaru cuts him off too short. Still, we get our desired info. Below Midtown in Tokyo, you can get to Roppongi; of course, there's a demon in the way. Walter will also rejoin.

Midtown 1F

Head to Shibuya via the Terminal in the underground of Shinjuku. Heal up there and proceed to the overworld map. Head to the east, past the Hills building, to Midtown just northeast of there. You'll find the demon. He goes about astrobabble before fighting.

Boss: Tenkai

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
44 Famed N/A All but Almighty N/A

Offensively, this boss doesn't offer much (not like he needs to). He primarily relies on Attack (~60 damage), though he can also use Megido to hit everyone for ~80 damage. Repeatedly, also, he'll upgrade his defense with Rakukaja.

As for your offense, it's... It's gonna be difficult. Early on, you won't find much of anything affecting this dude beyond Almighty-element attacks; even at Level 48, I couldn't exceed 100 damage with Titanomachia, even critical.

Still, there's little hope other than that. Focus on using either high-power Almighty moves, Megido Stones, or high-critical-rate moves to get you more turns. That's about all you can do. Try to heal everyone every turn.

During the fight, you will be asked a few questions, about your ideal Tokyo first. That one has the most obvious of indications towards the Law/Chaos endings; I shouldn't need to mention them. Still, should I need to, here it is. For it, if you match up with the alignment named, you will have your accuracy boosted; if not, it goes down.

Be careful what you wish for, as it might come true (in this game, anyway).

"...What sort of city is your ideal Tokyo?"

  • Law - A peaceful city of order
  • Chaos - A wild city of freedom
  • Neutral - One of both order and freedom
The second, equally obvious, poses the question of what you'll do when you learn the truth of the Ashura-kai. This one has real effects on alignment to a mild extent.

"Will you reform it and cause chaos? Or will you sustain it, thereby preserving order?"

  • Alignment -1 = I'll reform it
  • Alignment +1 = I'll sustain it
  • Alignment ±0 = I don't know
After the battle, the gratefulness of the Tenkai on dying is noted oddly, something to which Walter thinks that it is because, like Lilith said, demons and humans are alike. How do you respond?
  • Alignment -1 = I do indeed
  • Alignment +5 = We differ on this
Afterwards, go into the hall to the east. As it turns north, look up and go into the vent to reach a **Balm of Rising** and a **3-Star Document** . Go on back and northeast of the Midtown entrance to find a **Bead** . Return to the southeastern hall and use the elevator near the end to hit 33F.

Midtown: 33F

Go west and north to the office area. There, in the southwest corner, you can find a room with a St Incense within. There are also two corpses to the east, one with a Knockout Gas , and one with a 10-Point Card . In the room near the east corpse, you can also get a 3-Star Cosmetics .

Head off to the northeast and along the path; a room on the right will yield a Dx Incense . Just south of there is a relic hotspot yielding 2-Star Furniture .

Climb through the vent nearby to get a Sleep Harpe sword. Go back through and head east. Destroy the wormwood to the south, then go north and along the path. Snatch up the Summon Stone at the end of the path, then use the elevator to go up.

Midtown: 43F

Good thing the elevators still work, as walking up 40+ floors wouldn't be much fun.

Go east, south, east, and south to find a Chakra Pot in the office area. Head north and west to find a 2-Star Commodity in the conference room, then go north and west.

A different (or the same?) conference room on the left will yield a 2-Star Leisure , while another further south will yield a 1-Star Clothing , because it's completely normal to leave your clothes in a conference room.

Go west and along the path until you spot a new room on the southern wall. Enter to find an Ag Incense . Continue east and pick up the 3-Star Commodity , then go south and east to find the elevator area.

Bypass them and continue along the path to the starting area. Destroy the wormwood there, then enter the room to the west to find a Ma Incense . Lotsa Satanic rituals going on.

Return to the elevator and go on up.

Midtown: 54F

When you enter, go south and enter the room that you soon find on the left to find a Lu Incense . Continue south and turn east to find a second St Incense .

Go north to the elevator, then use the northbound path beside it. Ignore the warning about the strong demon within; just enter, watch the cutscene, and go east and use the elevator.

Midtown: 1F

Go north and downstairs.

Midtown: Employee Passage

Go west, then south. Look down at the crates for a hidden passage to use.

Midtown: Former Army Shelter

Go west, north, then east in this flooded area to find the ever-prevalent Chakra Pot . Then head west, south, west, and south to find an Expanse Meat on the corpse. Go west, north, and west in this watery labyrinth to find a useful Bead Chain . Then go east and south for a bit, then west through the door.

... The heck?

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