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Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Caladrius 23 Yes Flight Dark, Gun
Hoodlum Horde 25 No Horde N/A
Ippon-Datara 17 Yes Jaki Light
Itsumade 21 Yes Raptor Ice
Jirae Horde 25 No Horde Fire
Kikimora 20 Yes Night Force
Koppa Tengu 18 Yes Yoma Electric
Macabre 25 Yes Spirit Gun, Light
Mou-Ryo 24 Yes Ghost Light
Night Stalker 23 Yes Foul Light
Nozuchi 18 Yes Snake Fire
**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Obariyon 18 Yes Ghost Ice
Shikome 23 Yes Femme Light
Tattooed Man 25 Yes Foul Dark
Ubu 22 Yes Vermin Light
Wendigo 25 Yes Jaki Fire

Tokyo Overworld Map

500 Macca!? Talk about taking advantage of the situation… Why can’t we do the same and just rob his boat?

First, we need to find Shinjuku. From Kasumigaseki, go north to the guide, then just a bit more north to a Hunter/ferryman. Pay him his 500 Macca to go to Shinjuku.

On the other side, you’ll find a bit of a poison swamp. Ugh. Begin by heading west and across the large poison pond.

As note, in its southwest corner, you can find a completely optional Domain. In it, head left twice at the forks to find a Dis-Poison . Backtrack to the fork and head straight and along to the doorway leading to the demon itself. Honestly, at that point, get the hell out. That demon’s Level 75 and just looking for some din-din.

I lost track of how much HP it has (about 5,000, easily), and is weak to Fire. I managed to kill it at Level 24, but I was really close to being killed - the 1,900 EXP. is not worth it. Within, though, you’ll find the Yasakani Magatama after the fight, one of the three Sacred Treasures…? Hm.

Anyways, where were we…? Ah, yes. Once across the sewage, if you head west and south when first possible, you can find another optional Domain . Yeah, there’s a fair few. It’s another you may not want to do if you’re too weak. Its layout is also random.

The boss is another Level 75 thing with a weakness to Fire. (Sorry about the vaguity; Prima did not offer proper stats for these things.) It’s HP is more like 3,000 and is a lot easier to fight than the other one, assuming you have Agi or Agilao on everyone - it should die in just three turns that way.

However, be ready to use Media or something of the like all of the time - he has many multi-target or party-wide moves, mostly of the Gun and Electric elements. A win will net you Yata no Kagami , another of the three Sacred Treasures. Curiouser and curiouser.

Well… South of that toxic pond, whether you opted for the Domain or not, you can soon find a 2-Star Furniture on the ground. East of there, you can find Shinjuku and the National Park, places we’ll visit later.

If you go to the far west along the road with the disturbed Hunter, then north, then east along the first possible street, you can find a 1-Star Clothing relic. Much further south, you’ll find a Chakra Pot .

Far to the east of there, you can find another Hunter. Go southwest of here to find a stockpile of stuff - a 1-Star Commodity and a 2-Star Commodity . Also nearby is a demon’s Domain. Assuming it is not randomly generated, go right, left, right, left, and right at the forks to soon find a Chakra Drop .

Backtrack to the previous fork and go straight, right, and left at the forks to find the demon. It is only a Level 36 Taowu, which is weak to Force. It has about 1,800 HP. Offensively, it offers little other than party-wide Electric attacks and a ton of single-target crap towards Flynn or your Samurai allies, for some reason.

This Domain will yield a Small Server . This is used to complete the “Help Me Get Some Servers” Challenge Quest waaay ahead of here in Shibuya.

Phew! That’s a lot of side-battling, eh? Backtrack to where we found those two locales, Shinjuku and Shinjuku National Park. Go into the northern of these two first, Shinjuku.

Shinjuku: South Entrance

There are many distractions around this area, but only one place we must head to right now.

If you head north upon entering, you’ll meet up with a girl, who asks where you’re from. Your possible responses:

  • Alignment +1 = The surface
  • Alignment -5 = Remain silent
    She’ll soon introduce herself as Hikaru, despite possibly knowing where you’re from, your reputation … and that you’re after the Black Samurai. Huh? She’ll direct you to the Juraku Bookstore in Ikebukuro for where to find … well, books. She soon leaves, leaving the important question unanswered.

So, anyway, you can find a Revival Bead north of the entrance. Head east of there and look up when prompted to find a vent taking you up. Go along it and you’ll soon find a Chakra Pot on the other side. Return to the ground and head northwest to the really narrow northbound path.

To the north is some kind of booth. Climb up the ladder on its west side to find a Bead at the top. Northwest of there, you can find a 1-Star Clothing on the ground.

If you go into the garage to the west, you can also be given a Challenge Quest called “Shelter Inspection”. We’ll cover it soon in Shinjuku Quest Cleanup. Outside, climb up the ladder to the south, then down the one to the west to reach the amazingly-useful duo of a 10-Point Card and a Summon Stone !!

Backtrack across the two ladders and head to the northeastern corner to finally find a Nerve Gas . Return to the southern half of the area and, as you enter, go west to find the underground area.

Shinjuku Station: Underground

When you arrive, head east of the intersection and you can find the Ashura-Kai Authorized Shop (Shinjuku) and the Shinjuku Black Market. I will note that the former is offering Chakra Drops for MP healing, which is considerable … and considerably costly.

I’d prefer to get one of those Apps from Burroughs that just regerenates MP while I walk. Stock up on other stuff nonetheless. Meanwhile, the Black Market…

  • For you melee users, the Morning Star is a great purchase; it is 25% more powerful than Tokkosho you probably have.
  • If you use guns more often, the CC Machinegun is good if you don’t have many party-wide spells; the CC Rifle is best otherwise. Bullet-wise, it’s best to stick with the Steel Rounds, or you could get stuck into a situation that is elementally bad if all you upgrade are guns.
  • The head armor is pointless if you got that Silver Mars helmet from “Samurai and Hunters United”.
  • The upper body armor isn’t worth the extra HP (2 to 4 points) unless you want a certain elemental alignment.
  • The lower body armor is rarely good for boosting more than Agility. The best HP boost here is of 13 from the Survival stuff.
  • Accessory-wise, go for the Demon Earring for the large HP boost.
    Further east of these two areas is the Hunter’s Association, where you can heal and get more quests. There, Burroughs will also open up a new type of Challenge Quest akin to the Battle CDs of Pokémon XD: specific battle situations you are meant to win. Anyways, these quests will be covered in the Shinjuku Quest Cleanup.

Meanwhile, go west along the north wall. At the four-way, you should be able to press a switch to raise a gate. To the west, you’ll find an elevator back outside. To the east is a Terminal, taken over by a demon.

Boss: Ose

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
24 Fallen N/A Dark N/A

After the battle, another Terminal - the Shinjuku Terminal - is revealed. Feel free to peruse it.

In fact… We’re going to do a Challenge Quest Cleanup now. Feel free to do it or not; same goes for the exploration of the Shinjuku West Entrance Park. If not, proceed down to Corpse Disposal - another Challenge Quest, but a required one.

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