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There are demons abound here too. If you need healing, you can head back and Hope will get some healers to fix you up for free.

After finishing the Cursed Gauntlet’s Challenge Quest, head to the Barracks. That night, Walter awakens you to Isabeau’s craziness on the rooftop. Apparently, she’s just reading - manga, no less. Apparently, it takes place in the “fictional” country of France. Okaaaaaaay…

Meanwhile, in the distance, we see something more sensible, sort of - a crimson glow… FIRE! On Kiccigiorgi no less! As the four head down to the plaza, they meet samurai gathering in haste, only to find that apprentices are not allowed to go. Hope remedies this and the group departs for Kiccigiorgi.

They arrive at dawn to find a village in ruins and the people in a daze, fearing demons. That gets Hope’s attention - apparently, the demons committed arson here. Those who survived the blaze fled to the forest. The group immediately heads there.

Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Carnazotz 9 Yes Raptor Gun
Spriggan 10 Yes Fairy Light, Dark
Pixie 7 Yes Fairy N/A
Stonka 8 Yes Beast Gun, Electric
Dybbuk 4 Yes Spirit Ice, Light

Kiccigiorgi Forest: Side Road

Okay, Little Red Riding Hood, let’s find Grandma’s house. Begin by heading eastward to the east/southeast fork. Pick up the 1-Star Jewelry along the latter fork before going along the due-east path. Along it is a red-hued demon, which means…

Boss: Innocent Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
8 Horde Ice, Light, Electric Fire, Force N/A

After the battle, break the nearby wormwood and proceed further along the path to rescue some villagers. It is now a good idea to return to the forest entrance so as to heal. … In fact, it’s not too stupid an idea to consider grinding a bit, say up to Level 13 or so.

Return to the fork in the path and begin going southward this time. At the end of the path is a red humanoid demon using the … Agh, I forget. Captain Planet or Captain Earth creedo, I think? Tells you why I should not be writing this at 3:30 A.M.

Boss: Element Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
8 Horde N/A Fire, Force, Ice, Electric Dark/Light

After the battle, as before, return to the healers at the forest entrance for some … well, healing. Afterwards, continue further along the southward path we just partially traversed. There, you’ll find a fork - southwest or southeast? Head southwest for now and west at the next fork to find, surprise, a boss.

This is just another Innocent Horde, though. Further along that path are some more villagers to rescue. Return to the forest entrance to heal, then go due east of the last place we rescued from to find a man captured by the Strix! She oddly has an obsession against the Luxurors, an undemonlike emotion…

Boss: Strix

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
12 Femme Gun, Electric Light, Dark Ice (Repel)

After the battle, the man elaborates unto you the wretched ceremony that caused this long, sleepless night for the villagers. After he leaves to the forest entrance, Hope will call, relaying this same info to all. He suggests going further into the forest to find more. First return to the entrance for healing, though.

From the triangular fork near where these last two battles occurred, head south along the western of the southbound paths.

Kiccigiorgi Forest: Forest Depths

In the next area, continue south along it, defeating demons and destroying wormwood along the way. The path will soon curve around back to the north. As it suddenly turns east, head to the northern ledge and look down. Jump down to the bottom to find a Revival Leaf in the chest.

You’ll have to backtrack up there, so go north, destroy the wormwood, and proceed to backtrack. When the path turns east, follow it this time. As you go, you’ll find a chest with some Healing Water in it. Continue along, although you won’t go much further before meeting Issachar. After some spoilerific conversation – wha-?

Boss: Issachar

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
13 Undead N/A Light/Dark N/A

In the heat of battle, you may be asked to make choices. These choices can affect the flow of battle or the ending you get, so keep a cool head and choose wisely…

There are several choice-giving conversations during the fight. Choose as you will with them - your alliance in relation to the Luxurors, and whether to finish off Issachar and spare him this misery…

  • Alignment -5 = Finish him off
  • Alignment +5 = Spare him
    After that possibly tear-jerking end to the battle, Hope calls, noting that the Black Samurai that instigated this whole mess is somewhere within the depths of the forest. Continue east to the fork in the path, then south. Collect the 1-Star Jewelry , then head north.

After the scene there, you’ll find yourself in a barren land with Stephen. He says that the girl is off to the east, wanting to see you, so head that way. There’s not much said there, though. You’ll soon awaken back in the forest, aroused but unaroused as it were.

Eventually, Hope calls, asking for the details, which Isabeau conveys. Hope, alarmed, requests you immediately return to the entrance.

There, the facts are tied together. The Black Samurai is able to summon demons, as well as turn humans into demons through her books. Given the presence of demons beyond Naraku, and the increased use of books (i.e. the baker) in the kingdom, this is likely her doing. But to what end…? In any event, we return to Mikado Castle.

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