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Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Churel 32 Yes Ghost Light
Hare of Inaba 38 Yes Food Gun, Fire
Inferno 31 Yes Spirit Ice, Light
Kikuri-Hime 36 Yes Nymph Electric, Dark
Kingu 39 Yes Drake Fire
Kwancha 24 Yes Jirae Force
Mishaguji 37 Yes Vile Ice
Nekomata 37 Yes Beast Ice, Electric
Pisaca 38 Yes Spirit Fire, Light
Porewit 39 Yes Wilder Ice
Rakshasa 38 Yes Jaki Force, Light
Shiwanna 38 Yes Yoma Fire
Yamawaro 31 Yes Brute Light, Dark
Yomotsu Ikusa 37 Yes Brute Light
**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Yurlungur 33 Yes Snake Fire

Ginza: 4th District Crosswalk

Money equals power? How very capitalistic!

When you arrive, head east to find a 1-Star Cosmetics at the corner. East of there, past the corner, you can get a 3-Star Clothing . Go southwest to the corner to find a 3-Star Furniture and a 1-Star Clothing . Then head to the far west and give the man 5,000 Macca to go to the next area.

Ginza: Harumi Way A

Upon entering, head south to the relic hotspot for a 3-Star Clothing and a 2-Star Clothing , then northwest for two 2-Star Clothing and a 1-Star Clothing . Then go southwest from there to find a 3-Star Comsetics , 2-Star Furniture , and 2-Star Clothing . Go west and downstairs.

Ginza: Southwest Passage

Careful, the air itself will cause damage and/or poison here! Go along the path to the north/east fork and go north there by breaking through the wormwood. At the end of the path is a Battle Earring . Backtrack to the fork and go east, past the fork, to another.

Go south, then west when possible. Break down the wormwood to find a 10-Point Card . Use it, then go back east to the hall and north to the east/west fork. Go east and look up to reach the southeastern passage.

Ginza: Southeast Passage

Here, you should get rid of that annoying Poison status first. Go forward to the fork, then south and west to find a 4-Star Clothing .

If you go east of the fork, then north and east at the next two, you can enter a room where you can buy a Gold Card for 10,000 Macca (at his final offer). That’s about it for here for now, so go to the eastbound hall to the south and look up at the end.

Oh, nope, there’s more. Grab the Bead here and go back to the previous bit. Go west past the fork and south at the next to find a similar area yielding a Balm of Rising .

Backtrack now all of the way to the 4th District Crosswalk. With the Gold Card, you can now exit off to the south. She’ll offer you a Platinum Card for 50,000 Macca.

That’s gonna take some pride swallowing if you want in, since you’ll likely end up selling some Balms of Rising or Summon Stones to pay it off. (Keep in mind this is not required.) Once paid, you only get the chance to get the Platinum Card; it’s somewhere in Ginza. Anyways, to the south area…

Ginza: Central Way A

To west when you enter, you’ll find two 2-Star Gadgets and a 3-Star Gadget . Further south are a 2-Star Cosmetics and two 3-Star Cosmetics .

To the west of there, you can find a ladder going up; climb it to reach a Chakra Pot . Go back down and further south. You can find another ladder to climb, this rooftop yielding a 4-Star Document and a Platinum Card .

Return now to the 4th District Crosswalk and exit off to the east; you won’t be challenged. (Although it is mentioned about taking someone’s request…) Anyways, pick up the nearby 2-Star Cosmetics and continue.

Ginza: Harumi Way B

Later when you accept the “Take A Picture of Ginza for Me” quest, you’ll want to return here to find this photo spot.

When you enter, go north for a 3-Star Gadget , then further east for a 3-Star Clothing . Then grab the 4-Star Document off to the southeast. From there, head west and get the two 4-Star Clothings and the 3-Star Clothing to finish off this portion of the area.

Getting Your Gr– Black Card

Now, then, there’s just one more to go: the northern sector. However, we need a Black Card to enter. Return to the Hunter’s Association for a new quest, “I Will Give You My Black Card”.

This requires you to deliver a Silver Coin to the Association as per quest standards. For the Silver Coin, head back through the west sector to the Southeast Passage.

There, head north at the fork and go into the room ahead. There, the man will offer you the Silver Coin … for 100,000 Macca. ****, man, I need a pimp.

Once you somehow scrounge up the dough - you’d be surprised how much you can get from attack items and old equipment - you’ll be given the Silver Coin . (I only had 15 Macca left.) Deliver it at the Association for the Black Card .

Ginza: Central Way B

Past the door is the Central Way B. To the west, grab the 4-Star Clothing and 5-Star Clothing . To the east, there are two 5-Star Clothings and a 4-Star Clothing .

I think we’re gonna come out of this pretty good… Continue north to find a Messiah’s Tear . Go southwest to find a 5-Star Clothing and two 4-Star Clothings , then go through the nearby tunnel.

Ginza: Shopping District

Head north to the corner, then go south along the walls to soon detect a relic hotspot with a 3-Star Cosmetics . Further south, you can speak with some female demons in a room to get a Chakra Pot .

If you return to the entrance and head due west, you can enter the Members-Only Club for some useful, if not outright expensive, items. Outside, to the northeast, you can get a 3-Star Food and a 5-Star Food .

Further northeast, if you can bypass the boss, is another Members-Only Club, this one for epic-but- expensive weaponry and stuff. Once done, there’s naught else to do but go north and slay that boss. (You can examine the northern car, if you pass him, for a 4-Star Cosmetics and 4-Star Jewelry .)

Boss: Dionysus

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
41 Zealot Ice N/A Fire, Electric

You are guaranteed to get the Maenad’s Wine from this battle, used in the quest “The Great Drunkenness”. Yeah, you had to go through THIS much trouble for some damn wine. That quest rewards you with the helmet Black Gunner .

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