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Underground District

To progress, you must accept this quest from one of the regulars at Ueno Hunter Association.

Return to the Association bar and deliver the LED Lightbulb. There, also opt to “Talk” with the cold man. Tell him why you’re here and you’ll be told that the military base is across the river, in Kasumigaseki … but there’s no bridges.

However, you can accept a quest called “Peallaidh Extermination” to cross the river. Stock up, heal, and go outside of the tavern. Head south and west and along the path outside.

Shinobazu Pond

As you enter, a strong demon is detected nearby. Anyways, go north, then west along the linear path; the northbound shoot-offs are dead-ends blocked by wormwood from the wrong side. As you turn north, there will be a squarish area off to your left; there, you’ll find two 1-Star Furniture relics.

Off a ways to the north is a manhole in the northwest corner that brings you back underground; it’s a two-way convenient for healing.

Continue rounding this lake by heading east, past a fork, to some trashcans containing two 1-Star Commodities . Go a little more east, then to the end of the southern path to find a Chakra Pot .

Return now to the west side of the area where you found that relic and go east, approaching the lake. You should be able to jump onto some of the small islands. Jump north twice and go along the path from there. Head south along this little isthmus, avoiding the eastbound pier as you do - that’s for a boss later.

Break down the wormwood at the end. Jump on the island to the west, then to the south to find a 1-Star Commodity . Jump back one, then northwest and east. Climb up the ladder near here and walk the long way around the tower to find a Hawthorn Spear . Nice to sell later.

Now, return to that narrow isthmus I mentioned earlier. If you can, try to climb on top of the overhang without triggering the boss so as to get a Balm of Rising . Approach the pier and a demon will appear. I gotta say, I laughed more at his speech than I should have!

Boss: Mou-Ryo Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
17 Horde N/A Physical Gun, Dark, Ice (Repel)

Boss: Peallaidh

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
17 Wilder Fire Ice, Light, Dark N/A

Enjoy the massive EXP. award from this quest and the 3,000 Macca . … Why exactly do we keep that freak’s head, exactly?

Anyways, return underground now. Heal and restock - you know the drill. If you want, you can do some quests in Ueno Quest Cleanup 2. Otherwise, proceed to the section To Kasumigaseki!

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