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**Item Name** **Type** **Cost** **Location/Reward From**
Ame-no-nuboko Spear 731,160 Members-Only Club
Aquila’s Sword Sword - “Rebirth of the Great Overlord”
Athame Dagger 3,360 Q’s Blacksmith
Aymur Blunt 28,720 Shinjuku Black Market
Bizen Osafune Sword 73,960 Infernal Shinjuku Weapon Shop
Bone Sword Sword 1,760 Q’s Blacksmith
Brionac Spear - “Cu Chulainn’s Training”
Caduceus Blunt 66,440 Infernal Shinjuku Weapon Shop
Chainsaw Sword - Treasure in Metropolitan Office Building
Claymore Sword - “Prevent a Deal with an Overlord”
Cursed Lance Spear 2,400 Q’s Blacksmith
Cursed Murasama Dagger 455,850 Members-Only Club
Cursed Sarai Sword 68,900 Infernal Shinjuku Weapon Shop
Deathbringer Sword 50,460 Blasted Shinjuku Weapon Shop
**Item Name** **Type** **Cost** **Location/Reward From**
Dies Irae Blunt 2,100 Q’s Blacksmith
Dragonfly Slicer Spear 578,160 Members-Only Club
Excalibur Sword - “The Cauldron”
Fire Pillar Sword - “Banquet of Flames”
Front Scepter Blunt 578,160 Members-Only Club
Fuujin Sword Sword 33,760 Ginza Black Market
Gae Bolg Spear 20,880 Shinjuku Black Market
Gungnir Spear 443,160 Members-Only Club
Hawthorn Spear Spear - Shinobazu Pond
Headhunter Dagger - Camp Ichigaya (Blasted): B3F
Holy Knife Dagger 61,650 Infernal Shinjuku Weapon Shop
Imanotsurgi Sword 10,500 Shinjuku Black Market
Kutune Sirka Dagger - “A Century of Defense”
Laevateinn Sword 563,850 Members-Only Club
Luna Knife Dagger 18,260 Shinjuku Black Market
**Item Name** **Type** **Cost** **Location/Reward From**
Masamune Sword 495,000 Members-Only Club
Mjolnir Blunt 508,410 Members-Only Club
Morning Star Blunt 13,560 Shinjuku Black Market
Nihil Sword 5,620 Ueno Black Market
Old Mace Blunt 7,860 Ueno Black Market
Onimaru Kunitsuna Sword 43,070 Ginza Black Market
Pest Crop Dagger 22,650 Shinjuku Black Market
Pixie Knife Dagger 1,460 Q’s Blacksmith
Plasma Sword Dagger - Kasumigaseki - Southeast elevator (ID Card Lv3)
Poison Glaive Spear 81,900 Q’s Blacksmith
Samurai Sword Sword - Starting weapon
Sharp Sword Sword 800 Q’s Blacksmith
Sharur Blunt 48,360 Blasted Shinjuku Weapon Shop
Sleep Harpe Dagger - Midtown: 33F
**Item Name** **Type** **Cost** **Location/Reward From**
Slicer Knife Dagger 9,580 Ueno Black Market
Sol Knife Dagger 468,720 Members-Only Club
Sonic Knife Dagger 6,320 Ueno Black Market
Sophia’s Sword Sword - “The Voice of Arrogant ‘Evil’”
Steel Hoe Sword - “Plucking the Buds of Rebellion”
Sword of Hope Sword - “I Require Ample Weaponry”
Tokkosho Blunt - “Capture the Berserker”
Traitor’s Knife Dagger - Ginza Black Market
Usumidori Sword 30,360 Shinjuku Black Market
Vermillion Spear Spear 37,350 Ginza Black Market
Voulge Spear 57,040 Blasted Shinjuku Weapon Shop
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