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Shin Megami Tensei IV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 02-06-2020 / 20:14 GMT

Shin Megami Tensei IV Guide

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Challenge Quest Cleanup

Well, after that crazy scene, you'll part ways with your Samurai allies for now. Once you gain control, you can head to K's Tavern for a new quest, "I'm No Good at Demon Fusion" , not something I'm good at myself. Anyways, a Kanbari is a Special Fusion needing Mou-Ryo, Gaki, and Mamedanuki.

You can also do two other training battles, and there are more quests available in Shinjuku.

"Training Battle 3:"

You can't get a Game Over in training battles, so relax!

Only Flynn should use Blight on the first turn. On the second, have Flynn bring in Zhen, who should use Pandemic Bomb. Then do nothing on the final turn.

"Training Battle 4:"

Use "Next" until Aeros gets a turn and then uses Mazanma.

"The Malevolent Star Falls:"

For this, you need to fuse together a Baldur demon. It took some experimentation on this one... Anyway, here are a nice few combos:

  • Fortuna with Kelpie **or** Zouchouten
  • Hooligan with Churel
  • Inti with Jack Frost **or** Pyro Jack
  • Koppa Tengu with Gucumatz
  • Mad Gasser with Preta
  • Mandrake with Macabre
  • Mayahuel with Jack Frost, Koppa Tengu **or** Pyro Jack
  • Night Stalker with Churel **or** Mou-Ryo
  • Skogsra with Macabre **or** Quicksilver
  • Tattooed Man with Mou-Ryo
**"Excavate Some Coffee Beans:"**

The Coffee Beans needed are found in the Shinjuku East Entrance Main Street, where you fought the Corpses. Head east of the entrance, as if you are going to the next area. Hug the southern wall when it sharply comes up to you near the exit and the relic hotspot there should yield the Beans.

"Protect the Tower:"

Head to Ueno via the Terminal and backtrack to the Sky Tower that is Naraku; outside is a Pest Horde, which is rather weak to Electricity - bring along lots of Mazio/Mazionga users or the equivalent stones to easily win. You will fight five in a row. Nothing too hard, really.

"Slay the Demon in Hiding:"

Found in my first New Game+ playthrough. From Aquila Plaza, head to the Castle, the Castle City, then the Bakery. Speak with the man there to fight a Dantalian demon. They are weak to Electric, and easy to beat.

"Demon-Haunted Man:"

Found in my first New Game+ playthrough, but you have to wait until after the execution to do it. The Bai Suzhen in question is found on the 2nd Stratum, due south of the stairwell-based entrance; she is weak to Fire and easy to beat. You can choose to kill or spare her.

  • Alignment +1 = Let her go
  • Alignment -1 = Finish her
**"A Grudge from the Streets:"**

Head out to Ikebukuro to search for the Killer Hordes. However, they're apparently found at random, so I can't help you there, although the general idea is to simply use multi-target or party-wide attacks to easily win.

"Help Me Exterminate the Demons:"

For this, you need to head into Shinjuku National Park (after Gabby sends you there) and kill eighteen Manticores running all over the place.

They have around 1,100 HP and are weak to Force, and come in groups of three - in other words, you have to find six groups in the field as red canine-like demons (not hard, since you can see into the distance, and the paths are all linear).

Mazanma/Mazandyne are the prime skills to use here. You'll also have to fight an Abaddon, who repels Fire and is weak to Electric and has about 2,500 HP.

Any time you want to advance the story, just go to Mikado Castle and then Obelisk Plaza.

After doing the quests if you desire, head to Mikado Castle, then to Obelisk Plaza to view ... it. The next morning, you are told to go to the Monastery, by Sister Gabby no less. Mm.... You'll find your other three allies there, soon followed by Gabby.

She'll tell you that three of "your fellows" are captured in Shinjuku National Park, back in the Unclean country of Tokyo; but they're not Samurai, or from Mikado, just vital to the future of the kingdom.

Okay, whatever. You'll get a Hexagram Rosary before being set loose. Prep up elsewhere and head back to Shinjuku via the Terminals.

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