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Shin Megami Tensei IV
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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-02-2020 / 09:52 GMT

Shin Megami Tensei IV Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

Kiccigiorgi & Naraku

New Challenge Quests

Weird dreams aside, your first priority is to assemble at the Emergency Meeting Ground at Aquila Stone Plaza.

Meanwhile, later that night, you have another dream of a city in ruins. There, you meet Walter, who suggests that this world is beyond saving and should simply be rebooted. He parts, requesting you head to the underground. In the desert, you meet Jonathan suggests the exact opposite of that…

The next morning, you awaken, alone for once. Hope calls, requesting you to go to Aquila Plaza. Feel free to shop up first, but that is about it - head to the Emergency Meeting Ground. Hope soon calls the ground to order, before being cut off by Abbot Hugo.

He mentions little other than that you already know, but soon mentions that the Black Samurai is suspected to be in league with the Unclean Ones, those dwelling in the underworld, deep in the Naraku… which is against the samurais’ code. Not to mention the legendary demon said to swell within.

The quest is up at K’s Tavern. There, Isabeau, Walter, and Jonathan are discussing the notion of an ulterior motive to this quest - that the Monastery is trying to simply get relics from the underworld, and the Black Samurai’s appearance provides a convenient excuse.

Respond as you will to whether you think you should do the quest when Walter asks.

  • Alignment +5 = We should
  • Alignment -1 = It is unseemly
If you are interested, there are several other Challenge Quests available. If you don't want to do these, simply go to the section Capture the Black Samurai.

"I Want a Classy Down Quilt:"

Gather 5 Fuxi Feathers, found by killing Fuxis. They reside all throughout what of Naraku you’ve explored thus far; you may even already have them!

"Slaying of the Dragon of the Lake:"

In this task, you’re tasked with slaying Long. Head towards Lake Mikado - go to the Mikado Castle, then the Castle City, then the lake. Save beforehand.

Boss: Long

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
13 Dragon Electric Ice, Dark Light, Force (Repel)

Not a lot to say about this boss. While it definitely is resilient, and has some somewhat impressive stats, it doesn’t threaten you much - mostly Force-elemental attacks will be the threat if you’re using demons like Mokoi, but that’s it. Zap him to death. Don’t expect him to last more than two turns.

After the battle, you are asked a question as to what you think demons are…

  • Alignment +1 = You are beasts to be slain
  • Alignment -1 = You are holy spirits
**"Dance of the Dead:"**

First rest up in the Barracks, accept the quest, then head into Naraku. Proceed along to the third level - you know, with the poison and all from last time. There, grind your way through five Calamity Hordes.

Boss: Calamity Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
16 Horde Gun, Light N/A Dark

Not a lot to say about this boss. This boss is perhaps a bit easier than the previous one. The main thing you’ll find against these guys are Life Drain attacks. Overall, while this boss is not hard, keep in mind you have to fight five of them, perhaps even between the various other 3rd Stratum encounters in Naraku.

If you’re having trouble, you may want to return to this one later, after having gotten to the Ueno region and gotten some guns and ammo - that makes it a little easier, since you could really only have trouble if you lack needle-based skills.

After winning the final battle, though…

Boss: David

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
19 Fiend Electric Fire, Ice, Light Dark

Now we have a fight! David decides to take you on in a David-and-Goliath style battle, although it’s gonna be harder for him than that. His main move would be Blight - a party-wide move that dishes out somewhere around 120 damage to everyone, which is probably a one-hit kill for your demons.

He also is plenty able to dispose of Dark-prone demons. As it stands, you may not be able to beat David unless you have four characters spinning around Electric skills, not to mention some luck. Granted, it’s more than possible to get that.

Before the battle, consider maxing your stock of back-up demons in case someone dies, and try to have several characters able to use the party-wide Media. Other than that, there’s not much - it is a pretty hard fight, so you’ll probably want to let this wait 'till later.

Once you’ve rested at the Barracks, let’s take on the next mission.

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