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Shin Megami Tensei IV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 03-06-2020 / 18:05 GMT

Shin Megami Tensei IV Guide

2 weeks ago · Guide Information

Ginza & Ichigaya

Law: I Sense an Uneasiness

Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Atropos 49 Yes Femme Fire
Clotho 37 Yes Femme Force
Grendel 50 Yes Jaki Light
Lachesis 43 Yes Femme Ice
Orcus 50 Yes Reaper Fire, Electric
Ouroboros 49 Yes Snake N/A
Sarasvati 48 Yes Nymph Fire

Your long mission is finally over... or is it? Well, it's best not to leave any loose ends, so we'd better check!

Note: Strength Incenses

It is worthwhile to note that grinding later in Camp Ichigaya can be beneficial in multiple ways. There is a particular enemy here called the "Fighter Horde" - he's not detailed due to a lack of data/resources at this time. However, this set of enemies will often drop Strength (St) Incenses, making grinding worthwhile.

That is especially true if you use Apps to boost the EXP. earned from talking and mass-recruit here and stuff... This can be a stat-boosting gold mine. Take advantage of it.

Tokyo Overworld Map

Once back in the Tokyo overworld, heal up in Ginza if you need to. Head to the toxic vat to the southeast and exit it via the northeast corner. Go north into the desert, which you can exit to the east. Continue east to the relic hotspot, which yields a 3-Star Clothing and a 3-Star Furniture ; the nearby chest, a Summon Stone .

Then head to Shibuya and to the overworld there. Go north and along the path and into the second accessible area to reach the Ichigaya region. After the scene, head east to find a relic, a 1-Star Furniture . All you can do now is go north and into the only accessible area.

Camp Ichigaya: 1F

Once in the Ichigaya camp, try speaking with a Sarasvati demon. She may end up giving you a Challenge Quest, "Osiris' Resurrection", which rewards you with five Balms of Rising .

  • You know the sorta gridular area east of the desert northeast of Ginza? There.
  • Head into the desert far southwest of Shibuya.
  • Go northeast of Ueno, cross the river, and go southwest of the western desert.
  • Northwest of Shibuya, on the ledge northwest of the toxic pits

At the fork in front of you, head east and along the path to soon find a 2-Star Commodity . Continue to the fork, where you should go west and north to find both a Lu Incense and a 1-Star Commodity . Head back south and east and down the stairs.

Camp Ichigaya: B1F

Nearby, you can find two chests, one with a Chakra Pot and another with a Balm of Rising . The vending machine should also yield two 1-Star Foods .

Go down the nearby stairs, although all that you can do there is get another two 1-Star Foods from the vending machine. Return to the entrance on 1F and go north and down the stairs from there.

Go forward and grab the 1-Star Food , with a Soma Drop from the vending machine further on. Continue on and downstairs.

Camp Ichigaya: B2F

Here, go east and through the one-way door. There, you can enter the room on the left for a bit of conversation before exiting to the north. There, don't go north unless you really need to leave. Otherwise, head west and grab the 1-Star Food . Then go east to the three-way, north, and downstairs.

Camp Ichigaya: B3F

We've got a feeling something big is waiting at the end... and we mean story-wise, not boss-wise.

Go east and, after the scene, go through the door to the east. Go along to the fork and head east and along the path. Ignore the pathway upstairs and continue along to the end, where you'll find a 3-Star Gadget , then a Bead of Life .

Go on up the stairs and through the door at the end of the path, then backtrack to B2F, the side where you were.

Camp Ichigaya: B2F

Upon entrance, head left this time and south to find two hidden chests; one has a Bead and another has a Chakra Pot . Go north and through two doors, then go east, north, and downstairs.

Camp Ichigaya: B3F

Here, go through the first door to the south, this time. In this metallic room, open the southeastern chest to find a Magic Earring accessory. Ignore the warning about a powerful demon and simply go through.

I won't reveal much about the conversation, but Walter is within and will ask a question about whether you agree with him.

  • Alignment -1 = Completely
  • Alignment +1 = Do not speak for me
Later, you are asked by another person as to whether you've thought about why the world itself even exists.
  • Alignment -1 = Yes, I have
  • Alignment ±0 = No, I haven't
More conversing later will bring the mission to a close, with the gain of **15,000 Macca** and over 111,000 EXP. Whoa!

From here, continue on to Blasted Tokyo.

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