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Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Balor 42 Yes Tyrant N/A
Churel 32 Yes Ghost Light
Enku 40 Yes Ghost Ice, Force
Gaea Man 12 No Human N/A
Inferno 31 Yes Spirit Ice, Light
Kaiwan 40 Yes Night Ice
Kingu 39 Yes Drake Fire
Kwancha 24 Yes Jirae Force
Mad Gasser 40 Yes Foul Light
Nebiros 43 Yes Fallen Force, Light
Ose 38 Yes Fallen N/A
**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Pisaca 38 Yes Spirit Fire, Light
Porewit 39 Yes Wilder Ice
Yamawaro 31 Yes Brute Light, Dark
Yomotsu Ikusa 37 Yes Brute Light
Yurlungur 33 Yes Snake Fire

Sorry. We’ve got no time to stand looking impressed; duty awaits!

Okay, once that new quest is accepted, backtrack along to the overworld map - it’s long one, sort of. Be sure to heal up in the Hunter’s Association along the way.

Once outside, head east past the Shibuya-Shinjuku tunnel and into the next area you see, next to the cylindrical tower. Outside, you’ll be informed by the guard that Tayama is on 52F in the tower with your friend.

There, you’re basically given the choice to do another favor for Tayama for the release of the samurai. If you accept, you are tasked to kill Yuriko, leader of the Ring of Gaea association rivaling Ashura-kai.

She apparently wants to take over the Yamato Perpetual Reactor for … hell if I know. Anyways, after the talking, you get the quest registered. Apparently, the Ring of Gaea’s crib is in Tsukiji near the Tokyo Station.

Return to Shibuya after this and use the Terminal to go to Kasumigaseki. Exit the Counter-Demon Force Base, then go to the overworld and northeast to Tokyo Station. Go north and west and south there and you’ll be blocked by a man, informing you that this is the ground of the Ring of Gaea. How do you respond?

  • Alignment -1 = Say you came to kill Yuriko
  • Alignment +5 = Say you want to join the Ring
  • Alignment ±0 = Walk away (must do something, though)
    Either of the first two will result in a simple battle against two Momunofu and a Gaea Man. They’re just pumped up versions of older enemies; the Gaea Man lacks weaknesses, but the Momunofu is weak to Force. Both resist Physical attacks, so stick to non-Physical skills.

After winning, you are challenged to build strength before defeating Yuriko by going to the test at Tsukiji Hongwanji. Go ahead and enter the area in front of you.

Ginza: Underground District

We’ve walked a lot to get here, but a terminal isn’t too far away if you need a shortcut.

When you enter, go forward to the fountain, where you can probably spot a 3-Star Leisure in the corner. If you head west, you can find a Hunter’s Association where you can heal and find a quest, which is covered in a later section, Sidequest: Downtown Ginza, due to a relative level of difficulty.

To the east, you can find the Ginza Terminal (unguarded) and the Ginza Black Market. Shop up there; the Onimaru Kunitsuna is pretty much the best thing for now. Then go outside and south to the next area.

Ginza: Hongwanji Passage

Well… There’s only really one thing to do: go south and outside.

Tokyo Overworld Map

Here, go southeast and to the toxic pits. In the first, head west to find a Bead . To the northeast, in the desert, you can find a Domain - randomized, sorry - with a Level 75 Alciel at the end. It is weak to Gun and Physical … and that’s about all that will hit the thing. It also has a number of party-wide attacks.

Be careful around those low-hit-rate attacks, too, since Acid Breath will lower your accuracy; although if you’re willing to, Critical Wave and other such attacks can be extremely effective. There is also Tetrakarn, which repels both Gun and Physical; use those turns to heal or remove debuffs.

Honestly, it’s nigh impossible at your current level. This douche loves to spam Titanomachia multiple times in a row on you on your second turn, so without Tetrakarn or a lot of luck with the Smirk status, you’re screwed. He has around 3,600 HP, and the Domain yields Kusanagi Tsurugi , the third of the three Sacred Treasures.

South of this area is a different one with just a strong demon - three Ghouls. They are weak to Fire. These guys get somewhere around six attacks per turn, so focusing your attacks on one at a time is extremely crucial here, given they have 2,200 or so HP. This battle removes the Domain for future perusal, I think.

Anyways, return to the area near Ginza and enter the unvisited place near there.

Tsukiji Hongwanji

Who knows what trials the Ring of Gaea have prepared for you. Although you can be sure more demons await…

After the conversation, accept the quest “Overcome the Trial”, then go forward. The man will take out a candle, light it, and give it to you.

You need to reach the end of the main temple before the candle fizzles out, which means that you must take less time during battle to stay alive. (Critical Wave and Titanomachia are generic great ideas.) The four Samurai will be separated for the test.

Let’s see… I guess if you head left at all of the forks and into the first doorways you see (which are the yellow portal-like things) for the start, you’ll be good. After the second door, turn around and go along that path.

Turn around and grab the Balm of Rising nearby. Head west and beat the enemy, then enter the portal. Go north, east, south, and west, break the wormwood, and go into the portal. Go along the path and left at the fork. Enter the portal and destroy the wormwood behind you on the other side.

Go south and west and into the portal there. Go forward and destroy the wormwood to the north, then head south. Defeat the enemy there so you can find the Pumpkin Bombs ammunition.

Go north now. Bypass the two forks and head west. Bypass the next fork and use the portal there. Turn around and go along to the next portal, then the one in front of you. Go along the path there and head south to the next portal. Save and move forward to fight another enemy.

Boss: Taraka

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
40 Femme N/A N/A N/A

After the battle, you are allowed through the door. Everyone seems to have made it. This mission will end now, too, with the gaining of 3,000 Macca . Of course, your plot is quickly perceived…

Tsukiji Hongwanji: Passage of Ethics

At the bottom of the pit, Walter fractures his ass, but all are okay. A voice from above lets you know that Yuriko is at the end of this path.

This is a bit of a “question maze” whose main purpose is to affect your ending. Until I get further data, just do as you will. It does propose a number of interesting conundrums, though… I won’t spoil them for the sake of your own benefit, but here’s the general idea:

Those looking for specific endings may want to save a second file for now.

First Question:

  • Alignment -1 = Go left

  • Alignment +1 = Go right
    Second Question:

  • Alignment -5 = Go left

  • Alignment +5 = Go right
    Third Question:

  • Alignment -5 = Go left

  • Alignment +5 = Go right
    On the other side, you’ll find the Black Samurai, still alive despite the crucifixition - the Ring of Gaea know her better as Lady Yuriko. We could clear two quests here with a swift blow. Of course, things are not quite that simple. Additionally, we do begin to see which alignments our Samurai allies represent, no?

Meanwhile, we get a new quest: to inspect the facility beneath the Hills building.

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