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Shin Megami Tensei IV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 01-06-2020 / 13:20 GMT

Shin Megami Tensei IV Guide

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Bookstore Huntin'

Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Bai Suzhen 23 Yes Drake Fire
Gaea Man 12 No Human N/A
Gu Huo Niao 16 Yes Flight Ice
Imperial Guard 31 No Horde N/A
Incubus 28 No Night Electric
Inugami 25 Yes Beast Force, Light
Kaiwan 28 No Night Ice
Karasu Tengu 24 Yes Yoma Ice, Electric
Moh Shuvuu 17 Yes Raptor Gun, Fire
Nue 26 Yes Wilder Gun, Force
Senri 25 Yes Nymph Electric, Dark
Shan Xiao 14 Yes Wood N/A
Tuofei 29 Yes Flight Gun
Yuki Jyomu 29 Yes Femme Fire
**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Zhen 31 Yes Raptor N/A

Tokyo Overworld Map

The underground districts are generally safe places, but sub-bosses often lurk further in.

Once in the Tokyo overworld by exiting the poison-filled Sunshine Front to the southwest, head to the west to find two 2-Star Furnitures and a 2-Star Clothing . North of there is a Chakra Pot . South of where you exited the Sunshine Front, you can complete a Challenge Quest.

Remember that quest you could've gotten from talking to a Senri, "Sunset for a Demonnapper", which I mentioned at the start of the previous section? That quest.

Inside the building we find Wu Kong - someone you probably dealt with waaay back in Naraku. He claims that Nariti's child is being held in Ikebukuro. To be more precise ... well, just follow along the walkthrough for now. I'll mention more when appropriate.

Anyways, head to the west, north, and around to the Ikebukuro underground.

Ikebukuro: Underground District

Head to the south and west into the corner where you can find a 2-Star Document . From there, simply head along the path east and north into the corner. Continue west instead of heading outside for now. Break down the wormwood you see to the far west.

Also enter the door to the northeast to find a Terminal. Within is, of course, a demon to battle. ... Well, just a Kaiwan and two Incubus, nothing to worry about. Feel free to use the Terminal to go somewhere else and heal.

Keep in mind that, at the eastern end of the area, you can find a woman in a room for a seemingly optional encounter. She will ask what you are, demon or human.

  • Alignment +10 = I'm a human
  • Alignment -10 = I'm a demon
Anyways, head east and outside.

Ikebukuro Station: East Entrance

Go to the south and along the eastern wall; you'll soon find a relic hotspot yielding two 2-Star Clothings and a 1-Star Furniture , with a Small Generator elsewhere.

Further south, you can enter a room to fight a strong demon, but only if you've accepted the aforementioned "Sunset for a Demonnapper" Challenge Quest. Within, opt to "Don't leave" and the demon child will hide behind you. His nappers will summon a powerful demon.

Boss: Kanseiteikun, Hungry Man x2


**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
31 Famed N/A Physical, Gun Light, Dark

Hungry Man

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
15 Foul N/A Dark Light

Offensively, this team is weak . Firstly, Kanseiteikun will pretty much focus on Attacks, rarely dealing over 30 damage; he can use a multi-hit Beserker God, though.

The Hungry Men are a different matter. While their attacks are also weak Gun-elemental ones, they focus their attacks on Priyankara, the demon you're protecting - never do they hit your actual party. This is both a boon (as you have to heal almost never), and a threat (no HP for the demon means you lose).

So, basically, focus on one of two things. If one unit has a super-powerful attack that supercedes his party-wide ones, then make him and other such demons focus on the Hungry Men. If a unit's best attack is party-wide, then use that. You want to eliminate the Hungry Men before going to Kanseiteikun.

After the fight, you can do one of two things...

  • Alignment -1 = Make them pay
  • Alignment +1 = Let them go
Whether you actually fought the boss or not to get the **Antidote Ring** , head south for a while to find a dead body on the ground; investigate its pockets for a **Knockout Gas** . Head far to the north now along the western wall. Once you bypass the entrance, you'll soon find a treasure, **Revival Bead** .

Once at the northwest corner, you'll find a store. It's a demon's Domain that will reveal a relic. Within, at the forks, go left twice to find a Chakra Drop . Backtrack and head right, left, left, and straight to soon find the demon boss.

This Level 28 Fuu-ki has about 1,650 HP, is weak to Electric, and has little to speak of offensively, which is why he ain't a boss. Once outside, you'll end up claiming a Small Fridge , an item used in one of Hugo's "Relic Recovery" quests.

Once outside, head southeast to the grassy little area ringed by poison. Face it and carefully sidle along the right edge of it to soon find a 3-Star Clothing down a ramp.

Further south, if you got the "Ikebukuro Free District" quest, you can take a picture near the poison pool that you need for said quest.

Further south, you can investigate the trunk of a taxi to find a 2-Star Clothing .

Head to the southeast and around the taxi to barely skate around the poison. Further southeast is a room leading to a Domain that we need to deal with, but not now.

Continue east and head along the wall of the path to find three relic stashes and a dead body yielding a 3-Star Gadget , two 2-Star Gadgets , a Revival Bead , a Needle Orb , a 1-Star Document , another 1-Star Document , and two 2-Star Documents . Backtrack to the demon's Domain and enter.

Juraku Bookstore Domain

Within, go along the path and right at the first fork to soon reach a horde of demons. Say hello to your old friends, the Lilim Horde - you remember, they made you pass out with love back in Kiccigiorgi? That means the Black Samurai should be about - almost forgot about her. Go ahead. Slay them.

Boss: Lilim Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
30 Horde Ice N/A Light, Dark, Electric

Offensively, this Horde comes off as more of a plot-based foreshadowing for the future than a true boss. It's most threatening move would be Dream Needle, offering little damage and the potential to be put to sleep. ... In all honesty, you shouldn't have to do much here.

Use multi-target Attacks - those like Critical Wave and Megaton Press, as well as Ice Breath and Mabufula - to deal damage multiple times, hopefully with criticals or weakness-spamming. Either way, this should not last long. Heck, a good Critical Wave+2 for me dealt out like 750 damage at Level 34.

After the battle, go right, left, and right at the next forks, then go through the door.

On the other side, you will reach the Black Samurai. During the conversation, she poses two questions unto you. The first is whether you believe in your ability to live in Tokyo.

  • Alignment +1 = I could manage it
  • Alignment -1 = I could never
  • Alignment ±0 = I don't know
She then disarms herself, willing to go by herself, without a struggle. Your response?
  • Alignment ±0 = Arrest her
  • Alignment -5 = Refuse
This results is a crapload of EXP. and **4,000 Macca** for you.

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