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Shin Megami Tensei IV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 06-06-2020 / 12:12 GMT

Shin Megami Tensei IV Guide

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The Conclusion

Final Quest Clean Up

Local Demon Bestiary


**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Abaddon 64 Yes Tyrant Electric
Decarabia 48 Yes Fallen Gun
Barbatos 76 Yes Fallen Fire
Legion 47 Yes Spirit Gun, Electric., Light
Shax 69 Yes Fallen Electric

Afterwards, you can gather quests from Ueno, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ginza. Not a lot total, though.

"Rebirth of the Lady"

Behind by heading north of Kasumigaseki to the St. Nicholas Cathedral. After the scene there, you basically battle a Horde; in other words, use multi-target moves. Yeah ... that's basically it.

"Multi-Demon Fusion"

Head to Ikebukuro's underground area and outside to the east. Go south and into the room in the west wall and opt to use the elevator. Call out to the humans at the top to make battle with a Baphomet.

Demon fusion: attempt at your own peril or the demons could turn on you...

That much is easy. After that, though, you must fight Cernunnos and Pales, which should be dealt with through multi-target attacks. Pales is weak to Fire, so you know, and Cernunnos is weak to Force.

"Mysterious Story of Tennozu"

Head to Tennozu, then go into the desert to the south. Use the middle of the eastbound paths and you'll soon reach the destination building.

Not much to say about the Red Knight, other than he repels Electric and has around 3,100 HP. After is Baal. He often use Mazandyne and Maziodyne, drains Electric, and has about 4,400 HP.

"Rebirth of the Great Overlord"

After killing Baal and accepting this quest, head back to where you fought him. Regardless of how you respond to him when prompted, you will battle him. Like before, he repels Electric, but little else matters, although I found Physical and Gun attacks unusally effective (but not marked as weak).

The Red Knight has about 3,500 HP. After is Beelzebub, who drains Gun. All this bug does is use Luster Candy to boost his stats while also chaining lots of Megidolaon (heavy-damage, Almighty, party-wide spell). (Not always that, but generally so.) So heal every turn while using your best high-critical-rate moves.

I will note that Beelzebub will use Heavenly Bow (heavy-damage, Gun, to all) if you do not have Tetrakarn on. I'd rather stick with Megidolaon, personally. It's a long fight, with this guy having around 8,500 HP, and difficult if you lack supplies, so seriously consider stocking up in some way.

"Find the Tears of the Messiah"

See Sidequest: Downtown Ginza for the details.

"Wish of a Professional"

See the previous section on finding Tennozu.

"Recreating the Human Race"

This, I think, was gotten from a demon in the overworld. Basically, you need to get five Kingu Bloods and five Gogmagog Meat. The Kingu Blood can be found by beating Kingu, found around Ginza. Gogmagog Meat is from a Gogmagog, found in the Bay Area around Tennozu.

"Resurrection of the Kousoushin"

This is gotten from a demon. This requires you to bring the three Sacred Treasures into the shrine south of Shinjuku. The treasures are detailed in Hunt for the Shinjuku Underground and Killing Yuriko, two in the first, one in the second.

Yeah, you've could gotten them from extremely difficult bosses earlier. After the delivery, go north of the Kasumigaseki base to enter a building.

"Excavate Summoning Devices"

You'll need to fly (complete "Resurrection of the Kousoushin") for this one... The Smartphones can be found in a relic hotspot east of the desert south of Tennozu, at Ooi Wharf, but you need to fly there. The chances of finding a Smartphone are random, so it's best to grind in this area and check the hotspot regularly.

"The Cauldron"

I forget where I got this: demons or Hunters. Anyways, accept it and head to Naraku via the Sky Terminal. Go west and into the room where you first found the Bruce Gun waaay back. You will get the Cauldron there; when having it, you can only Run or pass your turn in battle.

If it gets damaged, just bring it back here. Use the Terminal to go to Tennozu, then go south and along the eastbound highway to Daiba, then furtheast into the exhibition center to meet Brigid.

"Tokyo Cosmos" (Neutral Ending only)

The Four Devas are found to the North, East, South and West of the Tokyo overworld.

Once received, head to the shrine southeast of Ikebukuro to receive the Orb of Gates, which will take damage in battle if hit. You need to find and defeat the four Devas without breaking it. This is an annoying quest to take on without help...

Anyways, one Deva can be found near the Ikebukuro entrance (like where you first entered the region; you can fly near there), to the northeast and past the wall. The next is to the west of Shinjuku, in a district somewhat like a square.

The third is in the desert south of Tennozu, and the fourth is in the desert northeast of Toyosu, near Minami Sunamachi.

All four fights are pretty easy; these enemies mostly use Physical attacks, so if you're having trouble, Tetrakarn and Attack Mirrors are the way to go. After the fourth fight, you'll fight all four at once. Tetrakarn and Titanomachia is pretty much an easy win, here.

"Comply with My Mass Order"

You need to bring along five Balms of Rising, five Beads, and a Bead of Life. Can't say much about the Balms of Rising - if you don't have three or four now, you probably won't ever have five. Beads can be bought, and there isn't a Bead of Life left - assuming you got them all - except that one southwest of Tennozu, perhaps.

"Invitation for Angel Hunting" (Chaos Ending only)

There are five Herald Hordes to fight in the desert north of the Naraku tower. They are weak to Fire, especially multi-target/party-wide attacks because ... well, they're a Horde. Whenever you kill the actual Herald Horde - the northeasternmost one - the mission concludes.

"The Voice of Arrogant 'Evil'" (Chaos Ending only)

You'll only encounter Demiurge in the Chaos Ending route, so be sure to savour the challenge!

Accept this and head into Naraku via the ground and go up towards the observation deck. There, you'll fight Demiurge. He resists Ice, Force, Fire, and Electric, and takes normal damage from Gun and Physical. So basically use those high-critical-rate attacks like Titanomachia until he's dead.

Tetrakarn is also good, given his repeated use of Attack and Riot Gun. He will also begin to use Antichthon (Severe Almighty attack to all), so be ready to heal. It'll take a while; he has about 8,400 HP.

"Training Battle 9"

For this exercise, you must defeat a bunch of enemies within four turns. However these enemies are quite tenacious. First, have Mad Gasser use Pandemic Bomb and Momunofo use Charge. On Turn 2, have Mad Gasser use Poison Breath and Momunofo use Berserker God on Zhong Kui.

On Turn 3, have Mad Gasser use Pandemic Bomb and Flynn use Death's Door. Finally have Flynn finish off with Blight. That wasn't so bad.

"Training Battle 10"

You've got 10 turns to defeat two enemies without provoking them. Basically you'll need to do as little damage as possible. On your first turn, have Flynn, Principality and Nadja use Attack on Samyaza. Then swap Kushinada-hime with Power and make Power attack Samyaza too.

Turn 2-5, have everyone use attack on Samyaza. Then Turn 6-10, have everyone use Attack on Dakini. Phew, just in the nick of time!


Once you complete "Resurrection of the Kousoushin", you can fly around. Typically, you need to start and land in a desert, like the one northeast of Ueno.

Fly to the south-central portion of the map in the Ooi Wharf and head south for a useful Great Chakra . Then head to the Central Breakwater area in the southeast. Get the 5-Star Clothing to the west and the Bead of Life to the southeast.

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