Local Demon Bestiary


**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
??? / Pluto Soldier 45 No Cyber N/A
Garrote 54 Yes Spirit Fire, Light
Gurr 43 Yes Raptor Light
Hel 44 Yes Reaper Fire
Orthrus 57 Yes Beast Ice
Persephone 57 Yes Reaper Electric


**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
??? / Pluto Soldier 45 No Cyber N/A
Catoblepas 52 Yes Wilder Light
Gogmagog 55 Yes Jirae Fire, Force, Dark
Nadja 47 Yes Fairy N/A
Rukh 51 Yes Flight Fire
Zaacoum 42 Yes Wood Force

The first two quests are initially available from the alternate Shinjuku, with the third coming soon after you decide to go outside. The next three will come after the first two are done. Since you will explore several new areas in the last four listed, be ready for some long stuff more fitting of a normal area walkthrough.

There is also an additional one, “Naglfar Material Collection”, that can be found by talking to demons. I found it by talking to a Persephone when visiting Shibuya. It’s the last one of them all listed.

“The Poisonous World”

You simply need to deliver 15 Medicines and 15 Dis-Poisons, something you may have already stocked up on. The total cost is 3,000 Macca if you have none of either.

“Food to Survive Tomorrow”

For this, you need to find 3 Babylon Birdmeats. They can be found by defeating Anzu, the bird-like demons (as in the overworld) found just around the Shinjuku base.

“Defeating the Demon”

Demon-slaying, you say? Leave it to us!

After the scene in the opening paragraph of the next section, head to the Kasumigaseki area where you started and enter the base. Use the northwestern Terminal to head to Shibuya. To the west, you can find the underground shelter.

Head west and along the path to find a 3-Star Clothing . Head far to the south, then east and into the second northern alcove you find for a 3-Star Medicine .

Return west and north and east when first possible and go into the northern alcove to find a 3-Star Medicine . Backtrack to the other medicine you found and continue east and north into the Domain.

Within this non-random Domain (yay!), go east and north and along the path, ignore the first two forks. At the third, go south, and the same for the fourth. You’ll find the boss there.

Boss: Bound Horde and Ixtab

Bound Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
55 Horde Fire, Light Dark Gun (Drain)


**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
55 Reaper N/A N/A Dark, Ice (Drain)

After the battle, if you wanna explore some more, leave the base. In Ground Zero, head northeast to find two 3-Star Jewelries . Northeast of the Terminal is a 3-Star Clothing .

Southwest of there, you can find two 3-Star Commodities . West of there, to the north, you’ll find two 3-Star Clothings . Head southwest for a 3-Star Medicine .

To reach the overworld, use the northeastern ramp. There, to the west, you can find a Bead . … That’s all for the overworld, though. Just go back through the Terminal and about your business.

“The Only Food Source”

Head to the room across from the Shinjuku Drug Store; after meeting there, go to where you arrived in this world, use the Terminal, and go to Ikebukuro. After leaving the Terminal, you can go east into the shelter. To the south is a 3-Star Clothing , with a Lu Incense in a room further south.

Return to the entrance and west and look in a southern alcove for a 4-Star Medicine . The northwestern room yields another Lu Incense , then go south for a 4-Star Medicine and a 4-Star Clothing .

In the south-central portion of what you’ve explored of the shelter is another path south. Get the nearby 3-Star Commodity , 3-Star Clothing , and 4-Star Commodity from the relic hotspots, then go west and downstairs.

This will bring you into a Domain that is not random. Go south and west when first possible. Then just head west while hugging the northern wall to reach the end of the Domain.

Boss: Tlazolteotl

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
58 Megami N/A Light Dark, Ice (Drain)

The rest of this quest’s section is for exploring the rest of the world reachable from Ikebukuro.

Outside the base, go south and collect the two 3-Star Medicines , but that’s it ‘rounds here. Exit off to the west. In the overworld, to the northeast, you can find a Great Chakra . You can’t explore elsewhere, though - the rim around the crater is too steep.

“Help Us Get Some Fuel”

You know those “???” enemies you’ve been finding recently? Proceed along with the main walkthrough for now and you’ll find them to be Pluto Soldiers. Kill them as you will; they’re pretty weak, even for spider-bots.

“Help Us Transport a Cannon”

Once accepted, head to the overworld near Shinjuku. Go northeast to the sandy area, then southeast to the building of Camp Ichigaya. There are two entrances: one on the south side, one on the north. T

he latter - your target - is really just a place to see a cannon. Take the cannon back to Shinjuku and mission accomplished. Your client is in the room just north of the Association.

“Naglfar Material Collection”

For this, you need to get 20 Deceased’s Nails, mostly found by battling the undead. (You probably already have them all.) The person to whom you are to deliver them is waiting underground in Ikebukuro. To reach the room, go as far west as possible, then as far south. You should land right in front of it.

“Catch the Sake Thief”

This, you won’t find until a New Game+. Head into the room opposite the Shinjuku item shop. Opt to keep watch and you’ll begin encountering a duo of Hsing-Hsing - they resist Fire, are weak to Force, and have 1,000 ~ 1,500 HP each. After them, you’ll fight three, then four, then four more - overall, a simple quest.


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