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Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
??? / Pluto Soldier 45 No Cyber N/A
Alraune 51 Yes Wood Fire
Anzu 53 Yes Raptor Force
Da Peng 57 Yes Flight Gun
Dormarth 49 Yes Beast Force
Hare of Inaba 38 Yes Food Gun, Fire
Horkos 27 Yes Tyrant Fire
Manticore 45 Yes Wilder Force
Pachacamac 51 Yes Vile Electric
Xiuhtecuhtli 54 Yes Yoma Ice

Kasumigaseki Base Desert?

Things are getting weirder and weirder. Which is par for the course for Shin Megami Tensei, right?

Upon awakening, go into the room on your left for a Chakra Pot , then through the door opposite the one you came out from. Go along that path outside to find… Whoa.

Once you gain control, we’ll assume that big ramp nearby to be “north” for now, since your mapper’s on the fritz. To the west of it, you’ll a Balm of Rising . Waaay south of there, you can find a 3-Star Commodity . East of there, you’ll find a 3-Star Document in a rock.

Tokyo Overworld Map

Assume the initial orientation of the map to be so that “north” is synonymous with “up” - your mapper’s screwy again. Anyways, to the southeast, you can find a Gold Bulldozer in the crater.

Northwest of the starting crater, you can enter a very sandy area. Leave it to the south, then the crater to the south, and you’ll find a Balm of Rising in the southern portion of the crater. Head north of the first-mentioned sandy area and, in the center of that crater, is … I dunno, a place.


Assume your initial facing to be north. Head east to find a few relic hotspots, one two 3-Star Jewelries , and another a 3-Star Commodity . In the hole to the nouth, you can find a 3-Star Medicine .

Further north, you can find two 3-Star Clothings near the shelter-like structure. Within, you’ll find a bunch of armed men. You are asked what you think you should do. Doesn’t matter, either way, but…

  • Alignment -2 = Kill them before they kill us

  • Alignment +6 = Let’s wait and see
    The men call for Kiyoharu and take you along to a room. There, a man from outside notices your Gauntlets (or is told; whatever) and says he’ll let you out if you show them its summoning capabilities.

  • Alignment +5 = Show him

  • Alignment -1 = Don’t show him
    Interesting conversation…

Once you regain control, go forward to the fork and right if you want to speak with people; same if you go forward. The other path leads up. There, go forward and right to another room, then forward and right after leaving it to find a 3-Star Medicine .

Not sure about the “messiah” part, but slaying demons is definitely right up our alley.

If you go forward and right, you’ll again meet Kiyoharu. Accept Akira’s request to learn that your current target is in a castle to the southeast; the acceptance of this quest ups your alignment by one .

Yay, us, we get the map data for Tokyo, too. Two rooms to the south, you can find a Hunter’s Association, believe it or not.

You can get some quests there, covered in Another Shinjuku Quest Cleanup. If you go west of there, you can find the Blasted Shinjuku Weapon Shop. To the west of there, on the northern wall, you can also find the Blasted Shinjuku Drug Store.

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